A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

Touched By Hospice, Selectman Donates Land

“The last three months of her life were excruciating. She was dying slowly and painfully,” Sandwich Selectman John Jillson said of his first wife, Carol, who died of cancer six years ago. “If it hadn’t been for hospice care, I don’t know how we would have made it.”

In memory of his late wife, and also of Edward (Theodor) Terttorst, who also received hospice care during his last months and is the late husband of Mr. Jillson’s second wife, Sarah, Mr. And Mrs. Jillson have offered to donate a two-acre parcel of land in East Sandwich to Hospice of Cape Cod.

10 Years Ago...

State Orders School To Fix Wastewater System

Sandwich’s new School Business Administrator Michelle J. Austin told the school committee this week that the district was recently warned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that it needed to make repairs to the wastewater treatment facility at the Oak Ridge School within 90 days or face “legal consequences.”

Ms. Austin said that the repairs to the treatment facility would cost around $180,000. She said that Town Manager George H. Dunham has told the schools they could use $50,000 from the town’s revolving wastewater account to cover some of that bill.

She asked the school committee to schedule a meeting with the finance committee as soon as possible to inquire about funding the balance of the repairs through the town’s reserve account.

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