A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

Concerns Raised About Pesticide Use On School Playing Fields

Responding to complaints that a contractor had applied pesticides to the Forestdale School grounds without first notifying the district-at a time when students were playing on the fields-Sandwich school officials have taken steps to make certain it will never happen again.

However, one group of activists is so concerned about pesticide use in and around the schools that it asked selectmen last night to begin investigating the possible use of alternatives.

The incident occurred in June, when the company the district hires to fertilize the school grounds apparently did so without first contacting anyone to let them know workers were coming.

A teacher, who prefers to remain anonymous, had been outside with her class when workers started to apply fertilizer. Although they assured her they would wait until the children were off the field, they began applying the chemicals at the other end of the field. The wind picked up the granular material and swept it to the area where she was with the children, and she quickly took them inside.

Later that day, she said, she had an asthma attack and suffered other allergic reactions to what she believed were the chemicals that had been applied. To her knowledge, however, none of the children became ill.

The teacher said she was so upset she contacted her principal, who then called the district office. She said she was assured that the matter would be investigated and the district would make certain it never happened again.

She said she is satisfied with the response, although will continue to be on guard against it happening.

A group of 10 educators and scientists have banded together and drafted a petition informing the public of the incident, and asking that in the future, instead of pesticides, the district use biological, cultural, or organic alternatives if available.

10 Years Ago...

Retired Teacher Wins $4 Million On Scratch Ticket

It seems that Edward W. Hoxie Jr.’s lucky number is four. That is because it turned out to be the number that matched another number on a Max A Million instant game ticket to win the retired teacher a $4 million cash prize.

According to his wife, Jean Marie Hoxie, on June 17 Mr. Hoxie had gone out for his daily walk, and as was customary, purchased two $10 scratch tickets from the Tedeschi Food Shops on Route 6A.

When he came home, he sat down at the kitchen table, scratched the ticket and looked twice at the matching numbers.

He then brought the ticket over to his wife and asked her to read the number at the top of the ticket.

“It’s a four,” she told him.

With his thumb placed securely over the prize money, he then asked her to read the matching number on the lower part of the ticket.

“It’s a four,” she told him.

He then moved his thumb away to reveal the $4 million prize.

“Disbelief” is the only word she could use to describe the moment.

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