A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

Marie Buckner Resigns As Assistant Administrator

Assistant Town Administrator Marie L. Buckner has decided not to return to work at town hall after the birth of her second child, due next month.

Ms. Buckner submitted a letter to Town Administrator George H. Dunham and the board of selectmen Wednesday, announcing her plans to become a full-time mom, effective June 30. She has held the assistant administrator’s job for one year.

“I really love what I’m doing, but I just didn’t want to be a juggler-between family and work, I mean,” she said during an interview this week. “It was a tough decision to make in a way, and at the same time I just knew what I had to do.”

10 Years Ago...

Plans In the Works For A Sandwich Anti-Drug Task Force

Months ago, school committee member Barbara A. Susko raised more than a few eyebrows when she said during a school board meeting that there was a drug problem in the Town of Sandwich.

After that meeting, Ms. Susko began receiving phone calls and letters from parents who thanked her for bringing the issue to light.

The question then became, she said, “what are we going to do about it?”

Ms. Susko met with Sandwich High School social worker Susan P. Coutinho and school Principal Ellin S. Booras to brainstorm on how to make some progress in battling the drug problem.

The trio decided that the best next step would be to form an anti-drug task force, which would provide community members an outlet to discuss drug-related issues and to improve collaboration among individuals and groups who want to help solve the problem.

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