A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

Town Pick Name For Its New Golf Course

The town's golf course will be called Sandwich Hollows.

Selectmen voted last week to change the name of the town's newly acquired golf course from Round Hill Country Club to Sandwich Hollows Golf Club. The vote followed the recommendation of the Golf Course Advisory Committee.

This decision comes one week after the board turned down the golf committee's original suggestion of Quaker Hollow after receiving complaints from members of the Religious Society of Friends, formerly the Quakers, who found the name offensive.

10 Years Ago...

Oakcrest Cove Cottage Rentals May Generate Cash

Ever since the town purchased the Oakcrest Cove property seven years ago, it has been grappling with how to generate revenue from this recreational facility that includes a lodge, a single-family home, six cottages, a campsite and a public beach on Peters Pond.

With town employees now occupying the lodge on the property until renovations to the town hall are complete, Assistant Town Manager Douglas A. Lapp is focusing his attention on the six cottages on the property as possible revenue generators and researching the best strategies for renting those cabins in the summer.

Mr. Lapp said at this point, he is not sure how much money could be raised from leasing out these cabins.

“Whatever net revenue the town generates, whether it goes into the general fund or goes back into maintaining the Oakcrest Cove property, will certainly be helpful. It’s not going to solve the structural deficit, but whatever amount comes in will be helpful,” he said.

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