A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

HAC Neighbors To Give Dana’s Fields A Chance

There’s the 65-year-old man who emigrated from England 20 years ago to take care of his mother. She died a couple of years ago. He has nowhere to live and cannot make ends meet working as a home health aide.

There is the 26-year-old who was left physically disfigured from an accident. Though in physical rehabilitation, redeveloping motor skills has been slow. He has never done any drugs, nor been involved with any crime.

And there’s the 45-year-old man who became homeless when addictions to drugs and alcohol took over. He has been sober now for more than two years and is getting back into the workforce. At one time, he was charged with possession, so he does have a criminal record.

Because of their experience at the Housing Assistance Corporation, these men are potential candidates for Dana’s Fields.

Livia Davis, resident director for HAC and for Dana’s Fields, posed a question to the small discussion group at the Covenant Baptist Church Wednesday night. “Tim Allen was once arrested for selling cocaine. He is popular as the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Would he have made a good candidate for Dana’s Fields?”

She voiced the possibility for success for the three men she described, if given the chance at Dana’s Fields.

10 Years Ago...

Selectmen Wrangle Over Trash Program; Vitacco Argues For Delaying Start Of Pay-As-You-Throw Until January

Selectmen got their first look last night at the detailed plan for implementing the new pay-as-you-throw trash policy at the town transfer station, which is scheduled to begin July 1.

After about an hour of discussion and some debate about delaying the start of the program until January, the board voted 4-1 to give Department of Public Works Director Paul S. Tilton the authorization to enter into the necessary contracts to get the program going.

Selectman Ralph A. Vitacco was the one dissenting vote. He told his fellow selectmen that he thought the board was rushing the implementation of the program a bit.

“People need more time,” he said, “to get use to the idea.”

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