A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

Affordable Housing In Sandwich Severely Lacking, Group Says

How well is the town of Sandwich doing in addressing the housing needs of low- and moderate-income individuals and families in town? Terribly, according to Director of Planning and Development JoAnne Miller Buntich.

When drafting its Local Comprehensive Plan, the town followed the county’s lead and set its affordable housing goal at 10 percent. What this means is that the town is striving to have 10 percent of all the homes in Sandwich meet the state’s requirements for affordability.

The rule of thumb is that a housing unit is considered affordable if it can be occupied by a family that has an income 20-percent below the local median income. Also, the rent or mortgage payment must not exceed 30 percent of the family’s income.

Last week, Ms. Buntich told selectmen that based on the most recent housing analysis, affordable housing represents just 2.49 percent of the town’s total housing stock. She also noted that with all the recent new home construction (none of it affordable), the total has likely fallen to just two percent.

With approximately 20 to 25 percent of residents in town able to qualify for some type of state or federal housing assistance, Ms. Buntich said the need for affordable housing has reached a critical point.

10 Years Ago...

‘Embarrassing’ Behavior Taints Canal Cup Victory

Though Sandwich High School earned a decisive 6-0 victory over Bourne at Saturday evening’s Canal Cup, Principal Ellin S. Booras said many of her students had no reason to feel like winners after the match.

Ms. Booras said she was “disappointed” by the behavior of a group of Sandwich High School students who attended the match on Saturday evening. Their actions included launching profane chants during the singing of the national anthem and hurling a dead fish and crabs onto the ice during play.

“Our standard is that someone should be able to attend any of our sporting events with a younger sibling or a grandparent and not feel embarrassed,” Ms. Booras said.

Ms. Booras said that her students did not live up to that standard last Saturday.

She said that the students who took part in Saturday evening’s raucous display have been disciplined by the school commensurately for insubordination, which typically calls for a suspension.

John J. Hickey Jr., rink facility supervisor at John Gallo Ice Arena, said that though there is always a charged atmosphere during the Canal Cup, last Saturday’s behavior by Sandwich students was some of the worst he has witnessed.

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