A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

Cape Cod YMCA, Audubon Back DCPC Designation

When the Barnstable Assembly of Delegates meets later this month to discuss the town’s proposed Three Ponds District of Critical Planning Concern, it will be in possession of a pair of letters penned by two of the largest land owners within the district, supporting the designation.

Massachusetts Audubon Society, which owns 80 acres of land within the district, and the Cape Cod YMCA, owner of the 75-acre Camp Lyndon, have resolved to submit letters to the assembly endorsing the creation of the DCPC.

To date, a copy of the letter sent from the Audubon Society has arrived at town hall, but the Cape Cod YMCA’s letter has not. Town Administrator George H. Dunham said he reviewed an initial draft of the YMCA’s letter just before Christmas. “Their attorney was going to make some minor changes before mailing it out. I’d expect it will be going out soon,” he said.

Mr. Dunham sees these two endorsements as significant achievements in the town’s effort to protect the 692 acres of woodlands surrounding Lawrence, Spectacle and Triangle ponds in South Sandwich from further subdivision and development.

10 Years Ago...

A Sandwich Community School Faces Cash Crunch

An emergency school committee meeting has been set for next week to discuss the immediate future of the financially struggling Sandwich Community School.

According to Sandwich Assistant Town Accountant Phyllis M.O’Neill, the community school’s revolving account had dipped to as low as $11,806 this week, putting its ability to meet its financial obligations in the coming month at risk.

It is a drastic turn-around for the Sandwich Community School, whose directors, Audrey L. Senese and Donna M. Burns, told the school committee in October that the operation was in much better financial shape than expected.

However, Ms. Senese also warned that the balance of the community school’s revolving account, about $217,000, was a cause for concern.

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