A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

Opposition Strong Against NOAH Campus; More Than 250 People Attend Meeting

It’s a grand and noble concept, but don’t put it in Sandwich.

This was the message that many residents had for Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) representatives who were in town Monday evening to discuss their plan to build a housing assistance and job training campus in South Sandwich.

More than 250 people packed the multi-purpose room at the Oak Ridge School for the meeting. Of those who spoke, most were opposed to the idea of building the facility in Sandwich. Fears about the kind of people such a facility might attract to this predominantly residential neighborhood seemed to be the theme of the arguments.

Many of the speakers presented their opinions plainly while others were much more emotional and fiery. More than once, the audience burst into loud applause and the Reverend John McGinn, who served as moderator for the night, struggled to retain control of the meeting.

10 Years Ago...

There’s A New Chief In Town

With the walls in his office still bare and only a few photographs of his family on his desk and filing cabinet, Sandwich’s new police chief, Peter N. Wack, has begun settling in.

Last week’s selectmen’s meeting began with Town Clerk Taylor D. White swearing in the new chief. As his 13-year-old son and his wife, Lois A. Wack, stood nearby, Lieutenant Lynne I. Gourley handed the 43-year-old new chief his badge.

This new position, he said, brings him back to the kind of police work that he has always liked.

“I’ve always enjoyed getting to know a community and the people in it,” Chief Wack said.

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