A look back at stories that made headlines this week in The Sandwich Enterprise:

20 Years Ago...

Curbside Trash Pickup Under Consideration

If residents want shorter lines at the town transfer station, it’s going to cost them.

This was the message brought forward last week by Bruce Haskell, a town-hired consultant from Camp Dresser & McKee. Mr. Haskell has been working with the town to help plan the capping of the old landfill and map out a strategy for future solid waste management.

Mr. Haskell said to achieve shorter lines, the current transfer station would have to be reengineered to provide a more fluid, less confusing traffic flow, and more spots for drivers to pull up and drop off their trash and recyclables would have to be added.

The improvements would make garbage drop-off for residents more convenient and less time consuming. However, he said, as regulations governing the handling of solid waste become more stringent, the cost of operating a full-blown transfer station is becoming more and more costly.

Besides improvements to the transfer station, Mr. Haskell said he was asked to consider other trash disposal options, including the concept of town residents leaving their trash at the curbside for pickup each week.

10 Years Ago...

DA Says School Committee Violated Open Meeting Law; Matter Could End Up In Court

The school committee will meet next week to mull over the assistant district attorney’s ruling that the proceedings of a recent meeting at which they renewed the contract of Superintendent Mary Ellen Johnson are null and void.

The committee’s attorney has been asked to weigh in on the subject. If the committee does not heed the DA’s ruling, the matter could end up on the desk of a Barnstable Superior Court judge.

Assistant District Attorney Thomas G. Shack sent an opinion to the school committee on Tuesday afternoon, informing members that the special Friday, April 30, meeting at which they renewed Dr. Johnson’s contract was held in violation of Massachusetts’ open meeting law because it was not properly posted publicly.

Given that ruling, the school committee could be required to reconsider Dr. Johnson’s contract renewal with two new members, Nancy S. Crossman and Marie A. Kangas, who were elected on May 6.

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