During the week of September 22 to September 29, 2021, Sandwich police responded to a total of 152 calls including four ambulance assists, six car crashes and two narcotics violations. Officers made five arrests. Sandwich fire responded to a total of 93 calls, including one gas leak. The following are excerpts from their logs.

Wednesday, September 22Police were called to Frank Harrison CPA, an accounting firm on Merchant Road, at 9:51 AM when the business owner arrived to find someone had caused $1,500 worth of damages to the property. The business owner suspects past clients are responsible for the malicious destruction and the incident is under investigation.

* * *

The parents of a 16-year-old girl contacted police at 10:25 PM to report their daughter was followed by a suspicious man in a red four-door car. The girl, an employee of Moto Pizza off Route 6A, was leaving CVS to drive to her place of employment when she noticed a white, balding man sitting in the car smoking cigarettes. He reportedly followed her into the parking lot but police could not locate the vehicle.

* * *

Police responded to a single-car crash off Route 130 at 4:43 PM when Kevin Mahoney, 73, of Sandwich drove into a bush at the town cemetery. Mr. Mahoney said he was driving to the cemetery to take his dog for a walk when he suffered severe abdominal pain that caused him to black out and drive off the road. He was transported to Cape Cod Hospital for evaluation and his son drove the vehicle home.

Thursday, September 23A resident on North Shore Boulevard contacted police at 6:54 PM to report a group of rowdy young people around a fire on the public beach. Police put the fire out and asked the group to leave.

Friday, September 24A 52-year-old Weymouth man was summoned to Barnstable District Court at 4:13 PM for stealing crates full of crabs from a commercial fisherman at the Sandwich Marina.

* * *

Police were called to the intersection of Snake Pond Road and Route 130 for reports of a two-car crash at 8:26 PM. According to police, the crash occurred when Patricia Mary, 74, of Mashpee was traveling south on Route 130 toward Mashpee when she slowed to stop at a red light and was struck by Kaleigh Watson, 33, of Jamaica Plain. Police determined Ms. Watson caused the crash because she was inattentive and following too closely. She was issued a citation.

* * *

Michael G. Aldhurst, 39, of Stonefield Drive, East Sandwich, was arrested at the Sandwich police station on Cotuit Road at 10:36 PM after police said he walked into the station severely under the influence of drugs. Police said Mr. Aldhurst had driven to the police station himself and drove over the station lawn before parking. Police conducted field sobriety tests which Mr. Aldhurst failed, police said. He was placed under arrest. Police reported the incident to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and his license was suspended immediately.

Saturday, September 25

Police were called to Cotuit Road near the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses at 10:34 AM for reports of a two-car crash. According to police, the crash occurred when traffic stopped for Adam Niski, 31, of Tabor Road, to pull out of the package store onto Cotuit Road and he was struck by Anna McGonigle, 35, of East Sandwich, who was traveling south on Cotuit toward Mashpee. Mr. Niski was issued a citation for failing to yield to oncoming traffic.

* * *

A caller from Highfield Drive contacted police at 4:08 PM to report vandalism to a neighbor’s home. The house was vacant and young people were seen entering it. Police observed spray-paint damage to the interior of the home and are investigating several possible juvenile suspects.

* * *

Police arrested Teryn E. Howell, 29, of Harbor Street in Sandwich at 4:12 PM at the intersection of Quaker Meetinghouse Road and Quaker Village Lane on a warrant arrest. According to police, Ms. Howell failed to appear in court for a traffic offense and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

* * *

A 47-year-old Forestdale man was placed in protective custody at 5:22 PM after creating a disturbance with staff at the Sandwich Motor Lodge on Route 6A while under the influence of alcohol, police said.

* * *

A 29-year-old Bridgewater man was placed in protective custody at 6:20 PM after posing a danger to himself and others at the Sandwich Motor Lodge on Route 6A while heavily under the influence of alcohol, police said.

Sunday, September 26

Samuel J. Kent, 28, of Presby Farm Lane in East Sandwich was arrested at 7 PM on Route 6A after being stopped for operating his motor vehicle with a suspended license. Mr. Kent’s license was suspended in July for operating under the influence of alcohol, police said. During the investigation, police said, they observed Mr. Kent was again operating under the influence of alcohol, noting his bloodshot, glassy eyes and slow, slurred speech. According to police, Mr. Kent admitted to drinking, and failed field sobriety tests. He was arrested and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, misdemeanors.

Monday, September 27

A woman from Winnies Way contacted police at 9:14 AM to report she was being cyberstalked by another girl via social media and text messages. Police advised the woman on how to get a harassment order and suggested she block all contact from the girl.

* * *

Police were called to TD Bank on Route 6A at 11:12 AM for reports of a male walking around barefoot in his pajamas. Police determined he was of sound mind and transported him to where he lives out of town. Later, at 12:27 PM, he was again reported in the TD Bank area.

Tuesday, September 28

Police responded to the scene of a two-car crash on Tupper Road at 7:11 PM after a hit-and-run was reported. The crash occurred when Kristen Koch, 37, of Centerville/Osterville was traveling along Tupper Road when she was sideswiped by a vehicle traveling in her lane. Debris from the other vehicle was found in the road and is being used in the investigation to identify the second driver. Ms. Koch was not injured.

* * *

An Osprey Lane resident contacted police at 10:44 PM to report a man was sitting on the resident’s front porch without a shirt or shoes. During the investigation, police determined the 50-year-old man, who lives in the neighborhood, was confused and his behavior was a result of a medical condition. He was transported to Cape Cod Hospital for evaluation.

Wednesday, September 29

Police responded to a home on Pebble Path at 12:43 AM when the homeowner reported hearing someone upstairs. Police checked the home and did not find anyone upstairs.

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