During the week of October 27 to November 2, 2021, Sandwich police responded to a total of 238 calls, including seven ambulance assists, seven car crashes and one overdose. Officers made four arrests. Sandwich fire responded to a total of 303 calls, including a report of an electrical fire. The following are excerpts from their logs.

Wednesday, October 27

Police were called to the intersection of Cotuit and Quaker Meetinghouse roads at 11:40 AM for reports of an accident between Rachel Harding, 35, of Buzzards Bay and Andre Sprague, 31, of Sandwich, who collided at the intersection as a result of a power outage that affected the lights.

* * *

A caller from Great Hill Road contacted police at 11:49 PM to report a suspicious vehicle parked outside the caller’s home. Police found a neighbor in the vehicle who was trying to find a WiFi signal.

Friday, October 29

Police responded to a single-car crash on School Street at 10:33 AM when a vehicle backed into a telephone pole. Eversource was contacted to examine the pole. No injuries were reported.

* * *

A Route 6A resident contacted police at 3:30 PM to demand Eversource respond to her property and remove a tree that had fallen. The police referred her to a private tree company. Since the tree was not on a power line and had fallen on private property, Eversource could not assist.

* * *

A caller from Robinwood Circle contacted police at 3:38 PM to report a large, black pig was loose in the area. The owner of the animal was located, and the pig was returned home safely.

* * *

Sandwich fire was dispatched to Pine Road around 8:30 PM for reports of a potential electrical fire. The homeowner told fire officials he heard popping noises inside his home and the smell of smoke when the power was turned back on. To avoid an electrical fire, he manually shut off the power to his home, and fire officials noted three circuits had blown. Fire officials contacted a wiring inspector, who found a problem with the service line from the utility pole. The wiring inspector had to wait on Eversource to disconnect power from the service line, so repairs could be made.

Saturday, October 30

A 31-year-old Mashpee man was summoned to Barnstable District Court after being stopped at the intersection of Bramblebush Drive and Route 130 at 8:41 AM for going 58 mph in a 45-mph zone. The operator was charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and driving at a rate of speed exceeding the posted limit.

* * *

A caller from Woodridge Road contacted police at 1:04 PM to report three young males dressed in all black were walking and carrying an AR-15-style rifle. Police located the group and determined it was an airsoft gun. The parents were notified, and the juveniles were picked up.

* * *

Police arrested and charged a 22-year-old Forestdale man at 11:21 PM after he attempted to break into the Sandwich Food Mart on Route 130. The man, identified as Sean T. Starbard, was seen on surveillance attempting to open the doors, which were locked. When he could not get in, he kicked the lower half of the door, causing the glass to break. Mr. Starbard returned to his vehicle and left without entering the building. Police located him nearby and charged him with vandalizing property and attempting to commit a crime.

Sunday, October 31

A driver contacted police at 2:10 AM after crashing his vehicle into the woods off Cotuit Road. Upon arrival officers located the vehicle, which sustained substantial front-end damage and airbag deployment, and the operator, Bruno A. Aguieiras, 37, of Revere, who appeared to be inebriated. Police conducted field sobriety tests, which Mr. Aguieiras failed, and placed him under arrest for operating under the influence of alcohol and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the scene, and Mr. Aguieiras refused transport from the Sandwich Fire Department.

* * *

A caller traveling near the intersection of Route 130 and the Service Road contacted police at 7:41 PM to report occupants of a vehicle traveling along Route 130 were throwing firecrackers out the window. Police located the vehicle full of teenagers and contacted their parents.

Monday, November 1

A woman from Wee Heather Way contacted police at 2:46 PM to report a hired builder was making threats toward her husband. The matter was settled peacefully.

Tuesday, November 2

A Toms Way caller contacted police at 8:53 PM to report that a friend had crashed a car into a cement barrier on the caller’s street. According to the caller, the victim hit their head during the crash but was able to drive home. The victim was later transported to Falmouth Hospital for treatment.

* * *

A 35-year-old Sandwich man was summoned to Barnstable District Court after attempting to shoplift from Stop & Stop on Route 6A at 11:44 AM. A store clerk contacted police to report an ongoing larceny inside the store, stating the man had come in to use one of the scan guns, which beeps when items are scanned, and observed the man placing items into bags without scanning them. Police arrived before the man left the store and charged him with shoplifting. He was permanently banned from Stop & Shop stores.

* * *

Police responded to an East Sandwich home at 2:30 PM for reports of an overdose in progress. Upon arrival, the 39-year-old man was conscious and alert after the family distributed four doses of naloxone. He was transported to Cape Cod Hospital for observation.

* * *

A woman contacted police at 4:17 PM to report her vehicle had sustained damage while parked on Main Street that day. She reported the front left end of her vehicle was ripped off and her left rear bumper was hit. The incident is under investigation, and police are working to secure video footage of the area.

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