During the week of April 1 through 8, 2020, the Sandwich Police Department responded to a total of 94 calls. During this time there were no car crashes and officers did not make any arrests. The following are excerpts from their logs.

Wednesday, April 1

A caller from Deerwood Drive contacted police at 6:36 PM to report that he had been scammed out of $1,850 through a Craigslist scheme. The caller said that he had written a security deposit check for a house that was listed for rent in South Yarmouth and became suspicious when he drove by the house and found it listed for sale. There are no suspects.

Thursday, April 2

A Tom’s Way resident contacted police at 11:19 AM to report seeing a man on a bicycle in the area that they did not want on their property. They were advised on how to transport the man from the property.

* * *

Police were called to Snake Pond Road at 4:40 PM when someone reported that there were power lines down in the area. Police said that the pole had wires that were cut due to previous work done and that the wires were not a hazard.

Friday, April 3

Police were called to Route 130 at 12:04 PM when the Sandwich Highway Department reported that someone had taken all of the wooden stakes that had been placed to demarcate road drainage work. A witness told police that they had seen a man taking the stakes. The man said he had permission from the highway department to do so. Police found the man and told him that he did not have permission. He was advised to replace the stakes or he would be charged. He replaced all of the stakes.

Saturday, April 4

Police were called to the Sandwich Motor Lodge at 1:05 PM when a woman reported having a dispute with the hotel over a deposit. The woman told police that she had rented the room with her sister, who smoked crack with a man in the room the night before and left early in the morning without returning. The woman was arguing that she was entitled to receive half of the security deposit. Police determined that since the room was in another person’s name, she was not entitled to the money.

Sunday, April 5

A caller from Wood Avenue contacted police at 3:59 PM to report seeing about 15 people partying on the beach. Police checked Town Neck Beach and the Boardwalk parking lot and did not find anyone partying.

* * *

At 8:56 PM someone flagged down a cruiser to report seeing a car parked behind the Speedway gas station on Cotuit Road for about an hour. Police spoke to the driver of the car and determined that they were looking for directions.

Monday, April 6

Police were called to a Steppingstone Lane address at 1:43 PM when someone reported hearing people yelling in the house. Police spoke to the people inside the house and determined that there was no issue, just people playing an online video game.

* * *

A caller from Route 130 contacted police at 4:56 PM to report that a headstone had been knocked over at the Sandwich Town Cemetery. Police said the headstone likely fell over due to disrepair, not vandalism.

* * *

A Cove Road resident contacted police at 6:27 PM to report that they thought they were the victim of credit card fraud due to a suspicious piece of mail they received. Police said the mail in question was junk mail and not suspicious.

* * *

Police were called to Shore Drive at 11:51 PM when a resident reported seeing a man walking his dogs in the area and they did not believe the man was from the area. The man had also shone a flashlight into the caller’s house before leaving. Police said the man left the area before they arrived.

Tuesday, April 7

Police were called to the intersection of Woodridge Road and Quaker Meetinghouse Road at 12:27 PM when someone reported that a driver had flipped them the middle finger as they drove by. Police said that they spoke to both people involved. Both accused the other of the action. No charges were filed.

* * *

A Luscombe Lane resident contacted police at 2:41 PM to report that their neighbor was harassing them and they were afraid of him. Police said the caller did not want them to talk to the neighbor, so the incident was documented.

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