During the week of August 8 to August 14, 2019, Sandwich police responded to a total of 262 calls, including 35 ambulance assists, three car crashes, and one overdose. Officers made five arrests. The following are excerpts from their logs.

Wednesday, August 7

A caller from Peter’s Pond RV Resort on Cotuit Road contacted police at 10:39 AM to report that their boat had been damaged. Police referred the caller to the Department of Natural Resources.

* * *

Police were called to the intersection of Tupper Road and Route 6A at 10:43 AM when someone noticed that a traffic light appeared to have been struck by a car. Police said that they have not been able to determine exactly when or how the damage occurred.

* * *

A Pierre Vernier Drive resident contacted police at 10:48 AM to report that they believed that someone slashed a tire on their vehicle. Police enlisted the help of the tire company to investigate and found that the tire was defective.

* * *

Police were called to a Cranberry Trail residence at 10:49 AM when a builder at the house reported that several boxes delivered to the home had been stolen. The incident is under investigation and there are no suspects.

* * *

An attendant from a Route 6A gas station contacted police at 7:03 PM to report that a man had been at the station who had been rambling on about robbing people. He left the station without robbing it. There are no suspects.

* * *

A Route 130 resident contacted police at 8:15 PM to report hearing gunfire in the area. Police determined that the sound was coming from training exercises on the military base.

Thursday, August 8

Police were called to Highview Drive at 7:53 AM when someone reported that their neighbor may have maliciously damaged their car. Police spoke with both neighbors, but said that there was no way to determine who damaged the vehicle.

Friday, August 9

As the result of a traffic stop on Route 130 at 3:44 PM, a 22-year-old Cotuit man will be summoned to court on charges of operating an uninsured motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, and not being in possession of a license.

* * *

A caller from Kensington Drive contacted police at 6:41 PM to report that a man on a bicycle had confronted him threateningly and accused him of speeding. Police were unable to find the bicyclist.

* * *

Police were called to the scene of a suspected heroin overdose in Forestdale at 9:45 PM. The caller reported that they were in the process of performing chest compressions on an unresponsive 49-year-old man. The fire department administered multiple doses of Narcan to the man and transported him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

* * *

A caller from Peter’s Pond RV Resort contacted police at 10:48 PM to report that people at another camp site were being loud. Police said that the area was quiet when they arrived.

Saturday, August 10

Police were called to Fox Trot Run at 3:20 AM when a resident reported seeing a possibly drunk man on her surveillance camera who was stumbling around their yard and opening their shed door. The man was gone when police arrived. Police used a canine unit to search the area, but did not find the man.

* * *

A caller from North Shore Boulevard contacted police at 3:02 PM to report that cars were blocking the roadway. Police checked the area and found that no cars were blocking the roadway.

* * *

An officer conducting traffic enforcement on Quaker Meetinghouse Road at 5:41 PM ran the license plate of a car owned by Michael A. Fanning, 27, of Norwell and found that he had an active warrant for motor vehicle charges out of Falmouth District Court. The car was stopped and Mr. Fanning was identified as the operator. He was arrested on the warrant.

Sunday, August 11

A caller from Pinkham Road contacted police at 3:16 AM to report that their car had been broken into and cash had been stolen while they were fishing. The caller advised that they were now in Rhode Island and just wanted the incident documented.

* * *

Police were called to Lady Slipper Lane at 2:17 PM when a 40-year-old woman reported that she had been bitten on her hand while trying to break up a fight between two dogs. Animal Control took over the investigation.

Monday, August 12

Police responded to the scene of a car crash at the intersection of Freezer and Tupper roads at 2:56 PM. Police said that the crash occurred when Steven Shevlin, 66, of Holyoke was attempting to turn left from Tupper Road onto Freezer Road while John McKenna, 56, of Sandwich was attempting to turn left from Freezer Road onto Tupper Road The two vehicles collided. No one was injured or cited and Mr. Shevlin’s car was towed.

* * *

Police were called to Tupper Road at 6:02 PM when someone reported that a vehicle without a handicapped placard was parked in a handicapped space. Police located the owner and determined that the driver was handicapped, but did not have their placard displayed.

* * *

Someone walking along Town Neck Beach at 8:49 PM found a bone and called police. Police took the bone into custody and sent images of it to the medical examiner’s office, at which point it was determined that the bone was a cow vertebra.

Tuesday, August 13

A caller from Town Neck Beach contacted police at 1:35 PM to report that a swimmer in the area was in distress. Police responded and did not find anyone in distress.

* * *

A Dana Road resident contacted police at 4:28 PM to report that their Comcast password had been reset multiple times over the past few days and that there were fraudulent charges to their bank account. The incident is under investigation.

* * *

A Deep Wood Drive resident contacted police at 10 PM to report hearing gunshots in the area. Police determined that the gunfire was coming from the military base.

Wednesday, August 14

Police were called to Windsor Road at 5:16 AM when someone reported seeing a suspicious red vehicle being driven around the area over the past few days. Police did not find the vehicle.

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