During the week of July 24 through July 31, 2019, Sandwich police responded to a total of 312 calls including 44 ambulance assists and 11 car crashes. Officers made six arrests. The following are excerpts from their logs.

Wednesday, July 24

Police were dispatched to Kiah’s Way at 6:49 PM for a report of harassment. Police spoke with the alleged victim who stated that they were in fear of their safety because someone on a motorized bike had been harassing them. Police stopped by the suspect’s house and advised him that he was to have no further contact with the victim. No charges were filed.

Friday, July 26

Police responded to a motor vehicle crash at 6:49 AM on Route 6A. Police said that the crash happened when Robert Gottsche, 63, of Sandwich was traveling west on his Suzuki 1600 when he was forced to brake, due to a vehicle in front of him. Mr. Gottsche crashed when he veered off the road to avoid the vehicle. He was transported to Cape Cod Hospital for minor injuries.

* * *

Police responded to a motor vehicle crash at 12:14 PM at the intersection of Route 6A and Tyler Drive involving a postal truck driven by Lynne E. Degroat, 57, Sandwich, and William Daragwanath, 50, Plymouth, who was riding his bike. Police said the crash occurred when Ms. Degroat was turning east and did not see the bike. The bike was hit at a low speed. No injuries were reported and no citations were issued.

* * *

Police were dispatched to Quaker Meetinghouse Road at 12:29 PM for a report of two males in a black Cadillac who pulled over on the side of the road and began urinating in plain sight. It was later determined that the vehicle had pulled over to let an elderly passenger empty out water bottles.

Saturday, July 27

Police were dispatched to Susan Carsley Way at 10:59 AM for a report that a 17-year-old was receiving harassing phone calls from another male. Police contacted the alleged culprit and told him that he could face charges if the calls continued.

* * *

Police responded to a motor vehicle crash at 11:21 AM at the intersection of Route 6A and Quaker Meetinghouse Road. Police said that Margo L. Newcombe, 52, of Forestdale was driving her Suzuki motorcycle when she lost control of the vehicle and crashed onto the sidewalk. Ms. Newtome was transported to Falmouth Hospital for minor injuries.

* * *

Police reported pulling over a vehicle on Route 130 at 10:29 PM that was being driven erratically. Police said that the operator of the vehicle, Paul Castellanos, 31, of Boston, was found to be under the influence of liquor and in possession of a Class E drug. Mr. Castellanos was arrested and charged with drunk driving, drug possession and operating to endanger. His car was towed from the scene.

* * *

Police stopped a vehicle on Chase Road at 10:40 PM that was being driven erratically. The operator of the vehicle, identified as Jayne E. McCann, 61, of Hyannis, was found to be operating under the influence of liquor. This was Ms. McCann’s third such offense, police said. Ms. McCann was arrested and charged with drunk driving.

Sunday, July 28

Police reported seeing a driver exceed the speeding limit on Water Street at 12:27 PM. Police pulled the vehicle over. The operator was only able to produce a Brazilian passport, police said, and had not had a valid license to operate a vehicle for four years. The operator was allowed to call someone to come and pick him up.

* * *

Police were dispatched to Old Fields Road at 10:49 PM for a report that there was a noisy party in the neighborhood. When police arrived on the scene, it was found to in fact be a high school party. Police observed party trays of food, an abundance of alcohol, as well as a deejay in the yard. All juveniles were advised to contact their parents. Two people will be a summoned to court for providing alcohol to minors.

Monday, July 29

Police responded to a motor vehicle crash on Route 6A at 1:37 PM. Police said the crash happened when a Ford Focus driven by Joan Sullivan, 82, of Stoughton, swerved off the road and struck a utility pole, causing the air bags to deploy. Ms. Sullivan was not able to explain what the cause of the crash was.

* * *

Police responded to a motor vehicle crash at 1:52 PM at the intersection of Route 6A and Jones Lane. Police said Dianne McCarthy, 69, Bourne, was traveling on her Yamaha motorcycle when she lost control of the vehicle. Ms. McCarthy crashed into a small ditch on a grassy shoulder of the road. Ms. McCarthy was transported to Cape Cod Hospital with minor injuries. The motorcycle was towed.

* * *

Police responded to a to-vehicle crash at the intersection of Burbank Street and Tyler Drive at 4:15 PM. Police said the crash occurred when Stephanie Eldredge, 39, of Onset was driving a GMC Yukon and it was hit by a Subaru Forester, driven by Helen White, 82, of Sandwich, causing the Yukon to spin around. Both women were taken to the hospital.

Wednesday, July 31

Police were dispatched to Georges Rock Road at 12:30 AM after a report of assault and battery. When police arrived they observed a woman there crying. When ask what ad happened, the woman stated that the man had run over her foot with his vehicle. The man was identified as Brian J. Thierwechter. Police arrested Mr. Thierwechter for assault and battery with dangerous weapon.

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