During the week of May 15 through May 22, 2019, Sandwich police responded to 223 calls including 28 ambulance assists, eight car crashes, and one overdose. Officers did not arrest anyone during this time frame. The following are excerpts from their logs.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

At 8:06 AM someone walked into the police station to report seeing a vehicle stop for a woman who was walking in the roadway; they were concerned for the woman’s well-being. Police spoke with the woman, who said that she was fine and just out for a walk.

* * *

Police were called to Grand Oak Road at 5:10 PM when someone reported seeing a group of teenagers sitting in a car parked across from their house. Police found a group of people walking along the road a short distance from the car and found that they were having car troubles.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

A caller from Quaker Meetinghouse Road contacted police at 1:52 PM to report that there was a man in the parking lot who appeared to be having a “psychotic episode.” Police found the man and determined that he was having a conversation with his wife on speakerphone.

* * *

Police were called to Jarves Street at 6:32 PM when someone reported that their parked vehicle had been struck by a black Land Rover that had used their driveway to turn around. Police have not yet located the driver of the Land Rover.

Friday, May 17, 2019

A caller from Madison Drive contacted police at 6:33 AM to report hearing loud industrial noises in the area. Police said that the source of the noise was not found.

* * *

A Route 6A business owner contacted police at 12:25 PM to express frustration over vehicles being parked in their business’s parking lot. The business owner was given advice on how to obtain proper signage for the parking lot.

* * *

Police responded to the scene of a car crash on Route 130 near Exit 2 at 1:41 PM. Police said that the crash occurred whena vehicle operated by Alisha Lundholm, 30, of East Sandwich rear-ended a car driven by Michael Boden, 51, of Sandwich, which caused his car to crash into the rear of a car driven by Charles Woodbury, 67, of East Sandwich. Mr. Boden was taken to Cape Cod Hospital with minor injuries and no one was cited.

* * *

A caller from Deacons Path contacted police at 5:41 PM to report hearing possible gunshots in the area. Police said that there was training in progress on the military base.

* * *

A Lentell Street resident contacted police at 6:43 PM to report that a car was parked in front of their home. The car was gone when police arrived.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Police were called to the scene of a car crash at the intersection of Service Road and Route 130 at 5:41 AM. Police said that the crash occurred when a deer ran in front of a car driven by Stacy Cooper, 51, of New Seabury. Mr. Cooper was not injured, but the deer died. No citations were issued.

* * *

Police were called to the Bobby Byrne’s parking lot on Route 6A at 8:48 PM when someone reported that two people were fighting with a bartender. Police said that two intoxicated people were being unruly and the two people were placed into protective custody.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Police were called to the scene of a suspected heroin overdose at 6:45 PM in East Sandwich. An unresponsive man was given a dose of Narcan by paramedics and regained consciousness. He was transported to Cape Cod Hospital.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Police responded to the scene of a car crash on Route 130 at 5:04 AM. Police said that the crash occurred when Edward McGee, 21, of Sandwich fell asleep behind the wheel on his way home from New York and  his car struck a utility pole. He was evaluated at the scene by paramedics and was not cited.

* * *

As the result of a traffic stop on Great Bend Road at 3:02 PM, a 35-year-old Barnstable man will be summoned to court on charges of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

* * *

Police were called to Evsun Drive at 7:56 PM when a homeowner reported that their house had been broken into through a window. Police said that a quantity of alcohol was stolen. The scene was processed for fingerprints and the incident remains under investigation.

* * *

Police said that the crash occurred at 10:48 AM when Milton Walling, 53, of Mashpee became distracted and slammed his vehicle into the rear of a car driven by Paul Buckley, 53, of East Falmouth. No one was injured or cited.

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