During the week of May 6 through May 13, 2020, the Sandwich Police Department responded to a total of 136 calls including five ambulance assists and seven car crashes. Officers made one arrest. The following are excerpts from their logs.

Wednesday, May 6

Police were called to a Cotuit Road restaurant at 4:46 PM when someone reported that the establishment was allowing patrons to purchase liquor with their takeout meals. Police spoke to the manager, who said that they had heard that to-go liquor sales had been permitted. They were informed that the permission was for beer and wine, not liquor.

Thursday, May 7

A Tom’s Way resident contacted police at 2:39 AM to report hearing voices outside of their home. Police arrived and found deer in the area, but did not find any people.

* * *

Police were called to Grand Oak Road at 12:06 PM when someone reported hearing gunshots in the area. The area was quiet when police arrived and people in the area said that while there had been the sounds had occurred earlier from deep in the woods, they had not happened again since.

* * *

A caller from North Shore Boulevard contacted police at 12:37 PM to report that there were two suspicious men on bikes in a neighboring yard. Police spoke to the men and found that they lived in the areas.

* * *

Police were called to a Great Hill Road address at 3 PM when someone reported hearing an argument happening on the street. Police said that there was no argument, only a landscaping crew having a discussion.

* * *

A Pimlico Pond resident contacted police at 4:13 PM to report that a homemade trailer worth $500 had been stolen from their property. Police said that no one in the area had seen or heard anything suspicious and there are no suspects at this time.

* * *

A caller from Round Hill Road contacted police at 5:39 PM to report that there was a grey vehicle parked behind a building at the golf course. Police found the owners of the vehicle and determined that they were walking their dog in the area.

* * *

Police were called to Talbots Point Road at 5:57 PM when someone reported seeing a swastika carved into a tree in the woods. There are no suspects at this time.

Friday, May 8

A Country Club Road resident contacted police at 12:39 AM to report seeing a man wearing a mask walking through their back gate. Police searched the area, but did not find anyone.

* * *

Police were called to the intersection of Christina Lane and Popple Bottom Road at 7:27 AM for a report of someone putting boulders in the middle of a path in the area. Police said that the Department of Natural Resources would be checking on the path.

* * *

A Peggy’s Lane resident contacted police at 5:36 PM to report that someone had used their name and Social Security Number to file for unemployment insurance. The Attorney General’s office was notified and the resident was given an identity theft packet to fill out.

* * *

Police were called to Cotuit Road at 6:10 PM when someone reported seeing a woman who was possible intoxicated in the area. Police spoke to the woman. A Police K9 unit indicated that there were drugs in her car. The woman said that there used to be drugs in the car, but then she used them. Her car was searched and heroin reside was found, but there were no additional drugs found and no charges were filed.

Saturday, May 9

Police were called to the scene of a hit and run car crash on Route 6A at 11:58 AM. Police said that a car driven by a 67-year-old Marstons Mills man struck another driver’s vehicle before driving away. No one was injured and as a result of the crash the man will be summoned to court on a charge of leaving the scene of property damage.

Sunday, May 10

A Dillingham Avenue resident contacted police at 3:46 AM to report hearing voices outside his home. Police checked the area and did not find anything suspicious.

* * *

Police responded to Stop & Shop on Quaker Meetinghouse Road at 11:17 AM for a report of missing money. According to the report, someone had dropped their wallet in the parking lot. When the wallet was eventually retrieved, $180 was missing. Police said that parking lot video footage showed a man with a red bandanna face covering bending over in the area where the wallet was lost. They will try to use in-store video footage to identify the masked man.

Monday, May 11

A caller from Farmersville Road contacted police at 11:46 AM when a resident reported seeing two people jump over a fence to fly drones. Police spoke to one of the people who said that they did go over the fence to be in a clearing where they could fly the device. No charges were filed.

Tuesday, May 12

Police responded to the scene of a car crash on Service Road at 10:41 AM. Police said that the crash occurred when Jeffrey Curtis, 61, of Marstons Mills lost control of his car when his brakes failed and crashed into a fence and then a tree. No one was injured and the vehicle was towed. No charges were filed.

* * *

Police were called to Aubuchon Hardware on Route 6A at 1:15 PM when an employee reported that a man driving a purple motorcycle had been harassing staff and customers and they wanted the man removed from the store. Police found the man and advised him that he was no longer welcome at the business and the man agreed, saying that he would take his business elsewhere.

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