During the week of November 6 to November 13, 2019, Sandwich police responded to a total of 263 calls including 36 ambulance assists and five car crashes. Officers made four arrests. The following are excerpts from their logs.

Wednesday, November 6

A woman from Luscombe Lane contacted police at 10:21 AM to report that she had gotten into an argument with a fisherman at Spectacle Pond over her dogs, which were being walked without a leash. She said that she felt threatened because the man was holding a knife while they had their verbal altercation. Police spoke with the man who said that he was not threatening her with the knife and that they were having a discussion about the dogs. No charges were filed.

* * *

Police were called to Route 6A at 12:16 PM when someone reported several women arguing loudly. Police said that one woman claimed she was in her car, training her certified emotional support dog when another woman banged on her window and started yelling at her to “stop hitting the dog or I’ll hit you in the face.” Police said that a third woman was shouting obscenities at the woman in the car and at the responding officer. Police spoke to everyone involved and they all went their separate ways with no charges being filed.

Thursday, November 7

A Sedgewick Lane resident contacted police to report that a neighbor had an unregistered vehicle in their yard. Police spoke with the vehicle’s owner, who said that they would take care of the issue.

* * *

Police responded to the scene of a car crash on Cotuit Road at 4:06 PM. Police said that the crash occurred when Carlos Siguencia, 44, of Hyannis was slowing for traffic and his vehicle was rear-ended by a car driven by Matthew Souza, 19, of Hyannis. No one was injured or cited.

* * *

A caller from Cotuit Road contacted police at 6:34 PM to report that they had struck a deer with their car. The driver was not injured and their car did not need to be towed. The deer had run off and was not located.

Friday, November 8

Police arrested Travis K. Walkup, 28, of Wareham, following a traffic stop on Cotuit Road at 6:31 AM. During the traffic stop, police found that Mr. Walkup had an outstanding warrant out of Falmouth District Court for failure to pay fines. He was arrested and charged with the warrant charge.

* * *

A George Fernandes Way resident contacted police at 5:03 PM to report that her neighbor had been harassing her on an ongoing basis, most recently by calling her an obscene name in front of her 10-year-old child. The victim did not want any charges filed and none were.

Saturday, November 9

At 11:25 PM a car pulled into the police station parking lot, taking up two parking spaces. When police spoke to the driver, they determined she had been drinking and administered a series of field sobriety tests, which she failed. As a result of the incident, the 51-year-old East Sandwich woman will be summoned to court on charges of operating under the influence of liquor, operating a motor vehicle with a registration revoked as a habitual traffic offender, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

Sunday, November 10

Police responded to the scene of a car crash on Route 130 at 5:49 PM. Police said that the crash occurred when Scott McLeod, 39, of Sagamore Beach was stopped at the Exit 2 off-ramp and his vehicle was rear-ended by a car driven by Ricardo Molina, 32, of Forestdale. No one was injured or cited.

Monday, November 11

A caller from Route 130 contacted police at 4:10 PM to report seeing five men filling water bottles with gasoline at the gas station. The caller thought it was suspicious. Police spoke to the men and found that they were filling the water bottles with gasoline, so that they could fuel their motor bikes. There was no further issue.

* * *

Police responded to the intersection of Pinkham Road and Quaker Meetinghouse Road at 4:59 PM for a report of a bicyclist struck by a car. Police said that the crash occurred when David Hill, 42, of East Sandwich did not see Steven Ahonen, 43, of East Sandwich, who was riding his bicycle in the area and struck the tire of the bike. Mr. Ahonen was not injured, and Mr. Hill drove him home. No one was injured or cited.

* * *

A Friendly Road resident contacted police at 7:25 PM to report coming home to find picture frames knocked over and wood shavings on the floor and thought someone might have broken into the home. Police determined that an animal may have gotten into the home via the open chimney.

Tuesday, November 12

Police responded to the scene of a car crash at the intersection of Route 6A and Atkins Road at 12:14 PM. Police said that the crash occurred when Alan Condron, 40, of East Sandwich, stopped his car in traffic and it was rear-ended by a car driven by Thomas Aseltine, 37, of Marstons Mills. No one was injured and Mr. Aseltine’s car was towed. No citations were issued.

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