Wings Way Rendering

Plans show the elevated, three-story home proposed along Beach Way in East Sandwich

The zoning board has issued another continuance for an oceanfront reconstruction project on Beach Way.

The board granted the continuance during its meeting Tuesday night, October 12, to allow the applicant more time to resubmit more detailed project plans.

In September, the developer of the property formally withdrew the application for a special permit after neighbors expressed concerns about flooding and the zoning board requested a more accurate flood plan.

The original proposal included doubling the size of the existing house, adding a swimming pool, and building a two-story garage with an apartment on the second floor. However, much of the construction would have taken place within two flood zones and carve into buffer zones created by the town and the state to protect coastal dune areas from erosion, neighbors argued.

Neighbors wrote a letter to the board objecting to the size and the scope of the proposed house within a flood-prone area and complained how the expanded property would impact the atmosphere of their small neighborhood.

By August, the developer had scaled back on the proposal, eliminating plans for the swimming pool, the two-story garage and the apartment. Instead, they proposed putting the entirely renovated home up on pilings to ease some concerns about building in the fragile, flood-prone beach area.

The conservation commission approved the renovation plans but neighbors appealed that approval to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, arguing still that construction and placement of the home will pose environmental concerns, especially regarding flooding.

It was requested developers withdraw and resubmit more accurate plans to address flooding concerns surrounding the home, which will be presented to the zoning board on October 26.

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