Town Clerk Taylor D. White, whose office was in disarray after this week’s primary, said on Thursday, March 5, that it has been “pretty quiet” on the local political front.

No one pulled papers this week to run for several openings on Sandwich boards and committees, Mr. White said.

“If people are going to run, I expect them to get to it by next week,” Mr. White said. “The deadline to return papers is 5 PM on March 19. They’ll need at least a week to get the 50 signatures they need to get on the ballot.”

Incumbents for many of the openings have already expressed interest in retaining their seats, but there are three openings for which no one has spoken.

Those are: a two-year unfinished term for the Sandwich Library board of trustees; a one-year unfinished term on the Sandwich School Committee; and a full, three-year term on the school committee.

Right now there are no contested races in town, Mr. White said.

“Maybe everyone has been distracted by the primaries,” the town clerk speculated. “I expect next week will be busier.”

Last week, two candidates pulled papers for the town election.

A newcomer to the Sandwich political scene, Mark Callahan of Gully Lane pulled nomination papers for planning board.

Joseph Maruca, who is seeking reelection to the Weston Memorial Fund’s board of trustees, also took out papers from Mr. White’s office.

Nomination papers are required if candidates want their names to appear on the ballot for the 2020 annual town election, which will be held on May 7.

Here are the openings for local office:

• 1 – Three-year term on the Board of Assessors

• 1 – Three-year term on the Board of Health

• 2 – Three-year terms on the Board of Selectman

• 1 – Three-year term as Constable

• 2 – Three-year terms on the Planning Board

• 2 – Three-year terms on the School Committee

• 1 – One-year unexpired term on the School Committee

• 3 – Three-year terms on the Library Board of Trustees

• 1 – Two-year unexpired term on the Library Board of Trustees

• 1 – Five-year term on the Sandwich Housing Authority

• 1 – Three-year term on the Weston Memorial Fund

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