Boardwalk Aerial

An aerial view of the Sandwich Boardwalk’s crossing of Mill Creek. The town is planning to have a community ‘selfie’ taken at the boardwalk on Saturday, November 27 at noon. All are welcome.

Everyone is invited to Town Neck Beach the Saturday after Thanksgiving at noon to take a group photograph at the Sandwich Boardwalk.

Town Clerk Taylor White said that the last time a community picture was taken at the boardwalk was on New Year’s Eve in 2019.

“It was a pop-up event (in 2019) that sort of just came about,” he said. “I personally only heard about it a few days beforehand.”

Since it was fairly last minute in 2019, Mr. White said that only about 75 people showed up. The plan had been to repeat the picture in 2020, announcing it earlier and advertising the plans better. But then the pandemic hit and plans were canceled.

Resident Candus Thomson said that she approached Mr. White with the idea to try again this year.

“I realized that this would be the last holiday season for families to gather and snap a keepsake at the existing boardwalk,” she said.

She said that Mr. White agreed and took the idea to Sandwich Community Television executive director Paula Johnson and Sandwich Chamber of Commerce executive director Denise Dever.

“Paula is arranging for the drone and pilot,” Ms. Thomson said. “Denise has graciously agreed for the chamber to host it.”

Ms. Dever said that anyone who wants to be in the picture is welcome to attend, regardless of if they are or have ever been a Sandwich resident.

“We just want to get everyone together and give thanks for all we have to be thankful for,” she said.

While the idea had initially been to try for New Year’s Eve again, the decision was made that Thanksgiving weekend might be a better choice.

Ms. Dever said that the weather is likely to be better. More people may be around, too, since Thanksgiving is generally a time when people spend time in their hometowns.

“Thanksgiving is always a reunion weekend,” she said. “Everyone seems to be home.”

Ms. Johnson said that she sees the photograph as an opportunity for people in the community to come together for something positive. With so much divisiveness, especially online, she said that it will be a nice way for people to get together and give thanks.

She said that people will be asked to park in the big parking lot by the beach and walk across the boardwalk, if possible. The small parking lot at the beginning of the boardwalk is where the picture will be taken, she said.

Mr. White said that he hopes this year’s picture will be even bigger than the one from 2019 and that it continues to be an annual tradition in town.

“The more the merrier,” he said. “It would be great to have hundreds of people.”

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