Contrary to statements made in a Facebook group for Sandwich residents, a pig found dead in the woods was not beaten to death or killed in a skater gang initiation ritual.

Deputy Animal Control Officer John Pimental said that the animal was found in the Shawme State Forest last Friday night, November 20. He said that Deputy Animal Control Officer Walter Fagnant Jr. had gone out to the forest when a caller reported hearing a disturbance in the area.

“When Walter saw it, it did not look like it had been attacked by anything,” Mr. Pimental said.

He said that while the pig was dead, evidence did not point to it being beaten to death or struck by a vehicle.

Mr. Pimental said that Mr. Fagnant was not able to pick up the animal on his own due to its large size. When he went back with assistance to retrieve it, the pig was gone.

“We figured that coyotes got it,” he said.

He said that they have not determined exactly how the animal died in the first place, but said that they are looking for a vehicle connected with the incident. The person who called about the disturbance gave a description of a vehicle that was seen leaving the area.

Mr. Pimental said that the belief at this time is that the pig was a pet that was abandoned in the area.

He declined to give a description of the vehicle at this time due to the ongoing investigation. He said that the vehicle is distinctive and that if he sees it, he will be working with the Sandwich Police Department to stop the vehicle.

Mr. Pimental said that the department typically stays out of Facebook discussions, but he felt that he had to step in on this particular post due to the misinformation that was being shared.

“We usually don’t go one there and say anything, but it was getting out of hand,” he said.

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