Sandwich Town Meeting November 28, 2019

Andrew McManus of Cape Cod Disc Golf Club explains the club’s plans for a course on the town’s Oakcrest Cove property. The club was seeing money through the Community Preservation Act to fund the work.

Rounding out the town’s vision for a multi-acre recreational complex—which will be located next to a new senior center and gymnasium—voters at Town Meeting this week approved a $47,000 community preservation grant for a new disc golf course.

The resounding ‘yes’ vote came after members of the public asked questions about the environmental impact of the course and about the game itself.

The vote was a triumph for Andrew McManus, president of the Cape Cod Disc Golf Club. Many of the club members stayed until the end of the four-hour Special Town Meeting on Monday night, October 28.

The disc golf course will be built on 15 acres at Oakcrest Cove near an already-under-construction skate park, walking trails, and pickleball court complex. A new senior center, also approved by voters on Monday night, will be built on land adjacent to the skate park/pickleball area.

The disc golf proposal has been discussed numerous times in the last two years by the preservation committee, the selectmen and the conservation commission.

Originally it was to have been built at Boyden Farms, but red tape resulted in a relocation of the course to Oakcrest Cove.

In answer to a resident’s question about the costs for the disc golf course, Mr. McManus said about $26,000 of the $47,000 community preservation grant would go toward light clearing and thinning the wooded acreage.

About $6,000 will be spent on the baskets into which the discs are thrown, and about $7,000 for tee pad materials, such as pavers, stone dust and sand.

The game is a combination of golf and disc throwing. The disc—similar to a Frisbee, but equipped with a beveled rim that provides greater accuracy and distance—is thrown at targets located along a course.

In answer to another resident’s question about the environmental impact of the course, Mr. McManus explained that the site has a kettle hole wetlands area, which will be undisturbed by the golf course.

He also said disc golf clearing does not involve much tree cutting because the trees and nature trails are a big part of the game’s allure.

Recreation Director Guy Boucher said in a telephone interview this week that he was not sure when work on course would start. Mr. Boucher said he is hoping it can be completed in time to open alongside the pickleball courts and skate park next spring.

It will be a welcome addition, Mr. Boucher said.

“I’m excited to be adding another sport that will get people outdoors, active and moving,” Mr. Boucher said.

Other town-sponsored articles approved by voters on Monday night included:

• The sale—or lease—of the Forestdale Fire Station at 85 Route 130 as well as a parking easement at the station allowing parking for people visiting the adjacent Greenville Schoolhouse.

• A bookkeeping item allowing the town to rescind a 1993 Town Meeting authorization to borrow $6.5 million to construct a regional septage treatment plant. That plant is no longer in the plans.

• A reallocation of funds that were approved by a 2016 Town Meeting for repairs specific to the Forestdale School’s wastewater treatment facility. Those funds can now be used for wastewater treatment repairs at any school.

• A newly negotiated payment in lieu of taxes agreement with the power plant on its older units—Units 1 and 2.

• Permission for the town to spend about $340,000 from the ambulance fund to pay for a new ambulance and other vehicle purchases and repairs.

• A community preservation grant for $51,000 to help Latham Centers build a group home for people suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare, life-threatening genetic disorder.

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