Becoming Home

The poster for Michael F. DuBois’s documentary “Becoming Home,” which documents his personal journey of coming to terms with life after losing his mother.

On Monday there will be a screening of the documentary “Becoming Home” at Sandwich Town Hall.

Filmmaker Michael F. DuBois started working on the film five years ago, at the age of 21, shortly before his mother died. He said that his family knew about a week before her passing that the time had come to say goodbye.

“Something in me just really wanted to remember that moment,” he said. “This was a woman who had taught me so much about life and care and love, and I really wanted to document and remember how difficult it was to say goodbye.”

That initial work became a documentary he named “Heading Home,” which documented that first year after her death. Mr. DuBois interviewed family and friends as a way to remember how others had grieved the loss.

When Mr. DuBois met his girlfriend, Larissa S. Farrell, four years later, he wanted to introduce her to his mom somehow. So they watched the documentary together.

“Something about watching it with a clearer head and time in-between made me realize that I felt differently about my grief and my journey,” he said. “I no longer felt sad or angry that my mother had died.”

Instead, he felt grateful for being able to have her as his mother at all.

He and Ms. Farrell revisited the original documentary together, and the final result was “Becoming Home.” Having Ms. Farrell work on the film with him allowed him to stay grounded in the process and kept him to a schedule that made it possible for the film to be completed, he said.

“So much of what Michael came to realize about his mother, her life, and his life going forward was laid out for him in the interviews and soul-searching he did,” Ms. Farrell said. “But the point of all of it was that it would take him time to untangle those knots and put together those puzzles.”

Mr. DuBois moved to Cape Cod in 2013, at which point he was offered a job at Sandwich Community Television after director Paula Johnson saw a clip of “Heading Home.” He said Ms. Johnson was supportive of his decision to leave in March to pursue his art. The Town Hall screening is being sponsored by Sandwich Community Television.

Prior to the screening of “Becoming Home” there will be a screening of the short film, “Elmer’s Theory,” which is the creation of Sandwich High School 2014 graduate, Michael Kristy.

The event is free. Doors will open at 6 PM with “Elmer’s Theory” starting at 6:30 and “Becoming Home” starting at 7 PM. There will be question and answer sessions following both films.

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