A 911 caller assisted in the arrest of a man who police say was operating a vehicle while under the influence of heroin on Thursday last week.

Police received a call from a driver at 3:59 PM who was driving along Route 6A behind a car the driver said was being operated erratically. The caller told police that the car was “all over the road,” alternating from driving off the side of the road to crossing the center lane. The caller was able to stay behind the vehicle and advise police about its whereabouts.

When the errant vehicle turned around to head toward Sandwich Village, it passed another traffic stop already in progress and the driver was promptly told to pull over, which he did.

Police said the driver was identified as Daniel M. Reed, 26, of Wareham. It was determined during the stop that Mr. Reed was under the influence of heroin, and he was placed under arrest.

Mr. Reed has been charged with operating under the influence of drugs, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, and resisting arrest. He was also placed into protective custody for drug intoxication.

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