Stantec, the engineering company that designed the skate park, is looking into how the town could add crosswalks on Quaker Meetinghouse and Cotuit roads that could provide safer access to the recreational complex.

The town’s engineering department will be working with Stantec engineers and will publish preliminary plans for the crosswalks in the near future, Assistant Town Engineer Samuel Jensen said this week.

More specifically, Stantec is assisting with the town’s evaluation of traffic signals on Quaker Meetinghouse and Cotuit roads, as well as those on Route 130, Mr. Jensen said.

They are also evaluating pedestrian crossings on Cotuit Road, Regents Gate, Piccadilly Road, and Rectangle Drive, Quaker Meetinghouse Road at the public safety campus, the recreational complex, and the entrance to Oak Crest Cove, Mr. Jensen said.

“Potential improvements for these crossing locations include upgrading signs and pavement markings, and adding wheelchair ramps,” he said. “They’re also looking at the locations of the crossings in relation to the side streets, and may recommend that the crossings be moved.”

Another option under consideration is the installation of a device called a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB), Mr. Jensen added.

“This is essentially a standard pedestrian crossing sign with the addition of yellow flashing lights to alert drivers when pedestrians are present,” the assistant town engineer said. “There is a RRFB at a crosswalk on Route 6A in front of the Riverview School.”

Members of the Bikeway & Pedestrian Committee, which had drawn attention to the need for crosswalks in the heavily trafficked area several months ago, seemed relieved this week.

“We’re pleased that they’re is looking at that issue,” said Lee Rindfuss, co-chair of the Bikeway & Pedestrian Committee. “We have a lot of concerns about the high concentration of users in the area and no safe way of getting to the recreation complex.”

The recreational complex, now under construction, will offer a skate park, pickleball and tennis courts, walking trails and a parking area. The recreation areas located on the campus of a newly built public safety complex that is home to the police and fire departments.

In a few years the public safety complex will also be home to a senior center.

Adding to the mix, Stop & Shop grocery store and several other businesses are located in the area and pedestrian traffic to and from the stores and the recreational complex is expected to increase.

Stantec officials could not be reached for comment.

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