The first Tuesday of December brought with it the first snowstorm of the season. 

Snow fell throughout the morning Tuesday, December 3, and into the afternoon, making for a slow, slippery morning commute.

Even though travel was slow, school buses still made their appointed rounds in most Upper Cape towns. Sandwich was the only Upper Cape town to cancel classes Tuesday. 

In a recorded call that went out to parents just before 6 AM, Sandwich Superintendent Pamela A. Gould said that closing the schools was a difficult call to make. She said that she spent hours talking with people about what the snowstorm might do before making her decision.

With predictions of snow totals ranging from one inch to five inches, and the timing of the storm falling around mid-day, Dr. Gould said that a delayed start would not make sense.

"As I would rather be safe than sorry, we are going to cancel school today in Sandwich," she said. "I know there will be a variety of opinions on this, and I do appreciate that, but I really would rather be safe than sorry with this one."

The Sandwich Fire Department is fully staffed until 6 PM tonight and the Department of Public Works is actively treating roads.

No major incidents have been reported as a result of the storm, though a dog was found wandering in the snowy roadway along Route 6A. The dog, named Poncho, was rescued by a passerby and brought to the Sandwich Police Station. Police were able to identify Poncho by his dog tags and he was reunited with his owners.

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