The production quality of meetings and other events broadcast from inside the second floor meeting space at historic Sandwich Town Hall has just taken a few big steps forward.

Last Friday, January 23, the finishing touches were placed on lighting and sound improvements inside the old meeting hall.

Jonathan Lipsky, sound designer for Integrated Solutions Group of Norwood, designed and installed the new lighting system at town hall.

The money to pay for this project, according to Paula Johnson, the executive director of Sandwich Community Television, and largely responsible for making the technical renovation at town hall happen, comes from the “cable money fund” which is received quarterly by Sandwich Community TV from the Town of Sandwich in accordance with the 10-year contract between the two.

In their agreement with Comcast, the town receives 4.5 percent of subscriber revenue. The town then turns these funds over to SCT, (keeping the .5 percent) each quarter.

“This all goes into a separate fund that is to be used for cable related projects only,” Ms. Johnson said.

Ms. Johnson first met Mr. Lipsky years ago at a trade conference, and recently hired him to install a new lighting system at the station’s main studio.

Mr. Lipsky was able to secure a 75 percent rebate from the Cape Light Compact rebate for the town hall by using energy efficient LED lights in his design. The rebate brought the overall cost of the lighting project down to $7,595.

Because of the building’s historic status, there were hurdles to jump in terms of logistics for installing some of the sidelights.

As nothing could be permanently added or attached to the walls, Ted Hamilton, the facilities manager for town hall, installed a boxed out platform in which Mr. Lipsky installed his lighting system.

Working in concert with Mr. Lipsky was Martin Feldman, also of Integrated Solutions, who handled the sound portion of the project. The sound portion is comprised of two separate parts, stage audio and room audio, with the estimated costs being $12,500 and $10,000, respectively. Mr. Feldman plans to install the sound system sometime next week.

Once the audio set-up is fully installed and the appropriate town hall staff gets trained to operate the new system’s controls via iPad (estimated to be in about a month by Ms. Johnson), the first broadcast will take place.

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