Dog Calendar

Michael King says hello to Addy, a long-haired mini dachshund, at Snake Pond in Sandwich. Mr. King is making a calendar of local dog photos he has taken while working at the Sandwich Transfer Station. All proceeds will be donated to a local animal rescue.

When Sandwich Transfer Station employee Michael A. King tripped and broke his nose at the facility back in May, he wound up with two black eyes. The following week, a dog named Lucy came through the station with her owner and she too had black patterned eyes.

Mr. King took a photo with her and posted it to his Facebook page, noting the similarities.

When Mr. King’s wife saw the photo, she suggested he take that photo, and some of the others he’s taken of local dogs visiting the station, and make a calendar.

“My wife looked at it and I had posted a few pictures of the dogs just because I like them and she said to me, ‘you know what you should do honey, you should put a calendar together,’” Mr. King said. “I said ‘that’s not a bad idea.’”

When Mr. King started at the transfer station in February, he noted staff would give biscuits to the dogs, and he thought it a great opportunity to interact with residents, meet their dogs and bring something positive to the townspeople with a daily dog post on Facebook.

“I wanted to give the town of Sandwich a feel-good story and I wanted this to be a positive thing,” Mr. King said. “I do all of my work off of town time and town property and the project is not affiliated with the Sandwich Transfer Station.”

The calendar, sponsored and funded by Shawme and Sandwich animal hospitals and several local businesses, will feature 10 dogs per page and sell for $5. The estimated $5,000 raised will be donated to the Animal Rescue League of Brewster contingent upon Mr. King’s conditions that all proceeds will stay on Cape and be used for the animals. Any additional donations will also be donated.

Recently, Mr. King was told by the town that giving treats to dogs on town property is a safety concern for fear of how animals might react, Mr. King said. Because of this, Mr. King stopped giving treats and taking photos of local dogs a couple of weeks ago.

“Now that I realize the rules and the standards of the town and the things they want to prevent from happening, I am realizing it wasn’t the wisest thing just jumping into it,” Mr. King said.

But he says he has more than enough photos for the calendar. He hopes to have the calendars completed before Halloween and will spend mornings selling them outside of sponsoring vendors throughout town.

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