Sandwich Water Tank

Sandwich Water District tank along Quaker Meetinghouse Road

The Sandwich Water District hopes to build a new water storage tower on Service Road to facilitate repair and renovation of its existing storage tank on Quaker Meetinghouse Road.

“We haven’t purchased the lot yet, but it is under agreement,” said Daniel Mahoney, superintendent of the water district, in a recent interview.

The new welded steel tank will be brought to the site in pieces, and the massive shell ring plates will be hung in place by a crane, according to published industry reports. After the initial ring is built, scaffolding is attached to allow the crew to hang and weld the rest.

The pie-shaped roof panel is built inside, lifted, and welded into place, Mr. Mahoney said. The outside will be coated with gunite.

The new tank will cost about $1.7 to $2 million and will cover the same customer base as the tank on Quaker Meetinghouse Road, Mr. Mahoney said.

After the new tank is built, the existing cement tank on Quaker Meetinghouse Road can be sandblasted, repaired and repainted. The cost for the renovation is about $800,000 and will take about 12 weeks, Mr. Mahoney said.

Although it is functioning well, the old tank was built in the 1960s or ‘70s, and needs an update, he added.

The new tank will be 35 feet higher than the old tank, will hold twice as much water and is far more efficient, Mr. Mahoney said. Both tanks can hold hundreds of thousands of gallons of potable water.

The warrant for the water district’s annual meeting described the Service Road property as “A parcel of land containing fourteen thousand four hundred square feet more or less...of the real property located at 295 Service Road.”

The water district has several such storage tanks around Sandwich to cover its residential and commercial customers, Mr. Mahoney said.

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