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Police were called to the skate park on Quaker Meetinghouse Road when a mother reported that a Barnstable teenager had exposed himself to her son on Saturday, December 26.

The woman called police at 1:40 PM to report that she was at the park with her 10-year-old son and his 11-year-old friend when her son was struck in the legs by a skateboard that had been thrown by a 15-year-old Barnstable boy.

The boy began harassing the 11-year-old, the woman said, adding that he exposed his genitalia to the younger boys.

When police arrived, they found the teenager in a group of about eight other teenagers. The group was glaring at the officers when they arrived, police said.

Police said the teenager admitted to throwing the skateboard, but said that he did not intend to hit the younger child with it. When asked about exposing himself, he said that he was talking about pant sizes with his friends and had lifted up his shirt, exposing his waist and belt buckle, but did not expose his genitals.

The boy's mother was called to pick him up. Police said that when she arrived, she became aggressive toward a female police officer and defended her son's conduct despite not being in the area at the time of the incident. The woman and her son began yelling profanities at the officers while using a cellphone to record the interaction.

Wishing to avoid a "social media spectacle," the officers cleared the scene. No charges or citations were issued.

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Honestly would not mind if we kept our skate park as a residents only place. I have heard it gets overcrowded and older skaters become aggressive towards younger ones. Not good.


So the 15 year old is allowed to be a pervert because they want to avoid “ a social media spectacle”? Great, just great...

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