An East Sandwich man accused of selling marijuana to minors last week is facing an additional charge after police said he sold vape cartridges to minors on Sunday, December 1.

An officer on patrol along Quaker Meetinghouse Road near George Fernandes Way reported seeing the man making a hand-to-hand transaction with three minors on the side of the road. When the officer approached, all four people ran off.

A short time later, police found the three minors, who were all wearing flip-flop sandals. They told police that they were out for a run.

After talking with the officer, the juveniles handed over the nicotine vaping cartridges that they said they had bought from the man. Police said that the 25-year-old man that the minors identified is “well-known” to police.

As a result of the incident, the man will be summoned to court on a charge of delivering cigarettes to minors.

On November 23, police said that the same man sold marijuana to a 17-year-old boy and a 19-year-old woman on Woodridge Road. Police said that the man will be summoned on a charge of distribution of a Class D substance in relation to that incident.

Additionally, on Thanksgiving DayThursday, police said that while patrolling along Woodridge Road they came across a 17-year-old boy on a motorcycle who was on the side of the road. The officer spoke to the boy and initially did not feel that anything was wrong, but then saw the same East Sandwich man in the area and concluded that the man and the boy had arranged to meet up for a drug transaction.

The officer spoke to the boy’s father about the situation, but there were no charges at the time since no transaction took place.

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LakeWood Til the day I die!!💪🏻


How about listing the name of this person illegally selling drugs to our children on the streets of Sandwich


Exactly. Why is this story printed with out a name?

The same goes for incidents from the weekly Police Log - without names, it is worthless.

*EDITOR'S NOTE: The Sandwich Police Department does not release the name of anyone accused of a crime unless or until they are arrested. Since the man in the story is being summonsed to court, he was never arrested. His name will appear in the court reports following his arraignment in Barnstable District Court. The same goes for the Police Logs. 

(Edited by staff.)

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