A 7-foot tall glass obelisk that pays homage to the history of Sandwich was revealed Thursday evening, September 23 at the Dunbar Tea Room.

“Glass House,” created by glass artist Michael Magyar, is also a solar-powered display featuring four glass panels. The design combines glass factory remnants with more contemporary glass.

The contemporary glass has been sourced from glass artists the world over.

During the daytime, the display is expected to catch the light and reflect the colors within. At night, it will be illuminated by solar-powered lighting.

Glass Town Committee chairwoman Jeanne G. Prendergast told the Sandwich Board of Selectmen at its meeting on September 16 that the artwork has been completed and would be unveiled the following week at the Dunbar Tea Room.

“I never expected it to be this wonderful,” she said of the piece.

While “Glass House” will ultimately be displayed across the street at the grist mill, Ms. Prendergast said that some complications arose regarding a tree next to where it will be installed.

The tree was deemed to be dead and it has to be cut down. Ms. Prendergast said that once the tree has been cut down, the artwork will be installed in its intended location.

“We don’t want the tree to fall on the artwork,” she said.

In a related development, the Sandwich Historic District Committee gave unanimous approval to the glass obelisk sculpture at its meeting on Wednesday, September 23.

“I love that you’ve got historic glass in there,” said HDC chairman Mary Foley, referring to the collected bits of glass from the Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. that operated on Jarves Street from 1825 to 1888.

The committee received two proposals for the public art project, both of which Ms. Prendergast said were strong. She said the criteria for the project included incorporating Sandwich history in some way, being made of glass or glass components, lit by solar lighting, and being engaging to the public.

Once installed, the piece will be up for about three years.

Ms. Prendergast said that a project like “Glass House,” which is of Sandwich, by Sandwich, and for Sandwich, could only exist and be appreciated in this town.

Enterprise reporter Tao Woolfe contributed to this report.

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