The driver of a 18-wheeler hauling a load of crushed stone sustained minor injuries after his tractor-trailer rolled over on the Mid-Cape Highway’s Exit 59 (formerly Exit 2) on-ramp on Monday, October 11.

The operator reportedly had come from off-Cape earlier in the morning with a delivery, which he unloaded at the P.A. Landers on Route 130 near the Forestdale School, and filled up another delivery which he was transporting off-Cape when he crashed.

Sandwich firefighters responded to the scene at 7:37 AM. By the time they arrived, the driver had climbed out of the 18-wheeler through the windshield, Sandwich Fire Captain Pete Halliday said.

Firefighters found crushed stone from the delivery in the roadway and the truck was leaking diesel fuel. Between 25 and 50 gallons of diesel leaked from the truck before fire officials contained it to the asphalt using Speedy Dry and absorbent pads, Capt. Halliday said. The Massachusetts departments of transportation and environmental protection were notified as was a tow company, which righted the truck and removed it from the scene.

The driver was transported to Beth Israel Plymouth with minor injuries.

Though fire officials are unsure what caused the accident, the driver told firefighters that he felt the load shift as he was making his turn onto the highway.

“He turned off Route 130 onto the on-ramp and in the middle of that turn, it tipped on its side,” Capt. Halliday said. “I don’t know if he had a green light or whether he came through the light and tried to make the light; he just mentioned that he felt the shift and that it rolled on its side.”

Massachusetts State Police are investigating the crash.

Since October 1, there have been four rollover crashes near Exit 59 resulting in one driver’s death, one with major injuries, and one with minor injuries.

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