Sandwich Fire Department's Newest Fire Engine

The Sandwich Fire Department’s newest fire engine has a hose attached to the ladder, a piece of equipment called a “snozzle.”

The Sandwich Fire Department will soon have a new fire engine stationed at its Cotuit Road headquarters.

The 2019 Ferrara Quint truck was delivered to the department last week for training purposes, but has been sent out to have equipment installed and lettering applied, Chief John J. Burke said.

Chief Burke said that some of the funding for the truck was approved at last spring’s Town Meeting. The town provided the department with the down payment and the department will pay the remaining balance out of its operating budget over the next five years.

“The total cost is around $768,000,” Chief Burke said. “We placed $210,000 down and financed the rest.”

The truck will function as a fire engine and a ladder truck. The truck’s ladder has a reach of 77 feet. Additionally, Chief Burke said that it has a single axle wheel base which will make it easier to get into driveways and smaller spaces.

The ladder has a nozzle attached at the end, which will have the ability to spray water while a firefighter operates the direction of the spray without needing to be on top of the ladder. Chief Burke said that this apparatus is called a “snozzle.”

This is the second engine that the department has added to its fleet this year. In May, the department acquired a heavy-duty white fire truck from the Dalton Fire Department for $39,000.

The new truck will be housed at the Station 3 Headquarters building on the corner of Cotuit Road and Quaker Meetinghouse Road when it returns to town.

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