A homeless man with ties to Sandwich is facing murder charges after a stabbing death in Hyannis Sunday night, May 19.

Police say Nicholas A. Galanto, 32, was charged with murder after a witness described seeing him stab another man. Mr. Galanto is a 2005 graduate of Sandwich High School.

Barnstable Police were called to the Village Green on Main Street in Hyannis at 10:38 PM when someone reported that a man had been stabbed with a knife. The victim was identified as Brenden S. Flynn, 23, no known address.

Mr. Flynn was taken to Cape Cod Hospital with stab wounds, where he was pronounced dead.

A man who witnessed the incident told police that the stabbing occurred after a brief altercation between Mr. Flynn and Mr. Galanto, whose last known address was the Joseph Shelter on Winter Street in Hyannis. The witness said that Mr. Galanto fled the scene, heading toward Hyannis Harbor on a bicycle.

The witness said that he had been talking with Mr. Flynn when Mr. Galanto started to walk toward them from the bandstand while brandishing a knife. He claims Mr. Galanto jabbed the knife at Mr. Flynn, stabbing him in the chest. Mr. Flynn then fell to the ground, bleeding.

The witness said that Mr. Galanto attempted to stab him, too, but he was able to defend himself using a metal chain from his wallet. This caused Mr. Galanto to flee. The witness told police that he attempted to administer first aid to Mr. Flynn.

A second witness said that Mr. Galanto had shown him the knife earlier, saying that he had just bought it from K-Mart.

Police found Mr. Galanto in the back yard of an unoccupied Hyannis home at 1 AM on Monday, May 20. Police reported seeing blood on the bicycle that was found with him and he was taken to Barnstable Police Headquarters.

While Mr. Galanto was being interviewed at the police station, an officer searching the park found a bloody knife in a parking lot on the edge of the park.

According to police, Mr. Galanto admitted to having a verbal argument with Mr. Flynn, with whom he had argued with in the past. He denied that he had been involved with the stabbing and then refused to continue speaking with police.

He was arrested and charged with murder and was arraigned on that charge in Barnstable District Court on Monday, May 20. He is being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court again on June 25.

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