Thatcher Drake

Thatcher Drake, Sandwich High School Class of 2016, recently released his first album.

Four years ago, Thatcher M. Drake was a Sandwich High School senior who had already attained recognition as an accomplished young musician.

Currently a senior majoring in double bass performance at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Mr. Drake has recently released his first album—a pop recording titled, "To The People I Have Met," released by Salt Box Records. The album is made up of 12 songs that feature Mr. Drake's vocals as well as instrumentals.

The album was released on October 13.

As implied by the title, the songs are all inspired by people who have actually appeared in Mr. Thatcher's life.

"I started writing songs as soon as I got to school about the people I had met there, and eventually amassed enough of a collection that I could put them together in a complete set," he said.

Here's a sampling of some of the songs on Mr. Drake's album, "To the People I Have Met":

He said that since the songs were written over a long period of time, his music influences evolved over time, resulting in songs that are reminiscent of country, pop, R&B, and folk music. The actual recording of the album was a lengthy process, too, since he had to fit the recording sessions in around his already busy schedule as a college student.

The process was made easier by being able to work on it with his friends—Maurice Soque as the project's engineer and fellow SHS '16 graduate Matt Sylvester as the director of the liner notes and album artwork.

"There's a lot of love on this record," he said.

The recording took place in multiple studio settings, which included Berklee, Massachusetts College of Art, The Record Company, as well as in Mr. Soque's apartment. In all, it took about a year to produce the final record.

As a teenager, Mr. Drake had traveled to Iceland to perform as a double bassist with the New England Conservatory Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. He was also selected as the principal chair for the Massachusetts All State Festival and the South East District Festival.

He has been playing the double bass since he was 12 years old and comes from a family of musicians. His father plays guitar and his mother and three siblings play piano.

With his college graduation coming in the spring, Mr. Drake has started to look toward his future as a musician.

"I'm considering a move to Nashville, Tennessee, where I can continue to write as many songs and play as much music as I wish," he said.

Getting into a career in the arts can be challenging and daunting, but Mr. Drake said that there are ways to make it less imposing. He recommends finding a mentor who has experience in the field, be visible as an artist, and have fun.

"Put yourself out there as much as possible through gigs and advertisements," he said. "And while working on any project, be sure to enjoy the artistic process and be thankful that it's what you get to do."

In order to make his music easily accessible, Mr. Drake has made "To The People I Have Met" available on all streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora as well as on iTunes and Amazon.

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