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A Barnstable County Grand Jury has indicted a Sandwich man on multiple charges, including trafficking fentanyl, vandalizing property and resisting arrest.

Gregory J. Losordo, 35, was indicted on Friday last week, October 23, on the charges, which stem from his arrest that took place on Chase Road on March 18.

Police were serving a search warrant on the address when they spotted Mr. Losordo in a car near his home. When police stopped the vehicle, they said Mr. Losordo was uncooperative and combative. While fighting with police, multiple plastic bags fell from Mr. Losordo’s pants onto the ground, police reported. Police said the substance in the bags was fentanyl.

While being arrested for the narcotics, Mr. Losordo continued to fight, resulting in an additional charge of resisting arrest, police said.

Upon searching Mr. Losordo and his home, police found 11 individual plastic bags that contained a total of 29 grams of fentanyl, police said. Police said paraphernalia connected with narcotics distribution was also found during the search.

Following the arrest, Mr. Losordo was booked at the Sandwich Police Station. While in his cell, police said he tore the fire sprinkler from the ceiling. This action resulted in part of the police station becoming flooded. A charge of felony vandalism was added to his charges.

Though not part of the most recent indictment, Mr. Losordo reportedly vandalized the police station in May following another fentanyl arrest. On May 14, police went to an Old County Road address to serve a search warrant to Mr. Losordo for fentanyl distribution.

An unattended fire was found on the property, and a short time later Mr. Losordo drove a vehicle out of the woods near the home. The vehicle was stopped, and he again became combative, police said. He was arrested and charged with distribution of a Class A drug, assault and battery on a police officer, possession of a Class A drug with the intent to distribute and setting a fire in the open.

Mr. Losordo was taken to the police station and booked. When he was brought his lunch, he covered his cell walls with the meal and used what was left to clog the cell’s toilet, police said. He also made multiple statements threatening to kill someone, police said.

He was further charged with threatening to commit a crime—to wit, murder—and vandalizing property.

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