New Sandwich Director Of Facilities

Brian Schlegel, the new director of facilities for the Town of Sandwich, sits in his office at Oakcrest Cove on his third day on the job.

It was only his third day on the job and, like a moving target, the town’s new director of facilities was already almost impossible to track down.

The 10 minutes Brian S. Schlegel sat for a reporter in his office at Oakcrest Cove Wednesday afternoon, June 10 may have been the longest he had sat still all week, and he was back in his truck the moment the interview concluded.

“Sandwich is a wonderful town,” said Mr. Schlegel, who is tall and lanky with a quick smile that lights up his face. “Everyone is so gracious and welcoming. Everybody I speak with says this is a great town to work for.”

Mr. Schlegel has spent the last 25 years as director of facilities for the public schools in Concord, but he has long wanted to live on or near the Cape, he said.

“I have been coming to Sandwich for 50 years,” he said. “I used to come as a kid with my parents, and we would fish the canal and launch our boat at the Sandwich Marina.”

Mr. Schlegel has spent his first few days on the job touring Sandwich’s some 50 buildings—large and small.

That many buildings may sound like a lot, he said, but in Concord he was in charge of one million square feet of school building space and had several hundred acres of land to maintain, so he feels right at home with what will be under his purview here.

Mr. Schlegel will work with a staff of two maintenance people and three custodians, two of whom are part time. He hopes to hire a fourth soon.

“I love old buildings, and I love history,” Mr. Schlegel said. “The history here is amazing.”

Two immediate, large projects that will take the attention of the new director of facilities are the former Santander building on Route 6A, where Mr. Schlegel will be working with architects and engineers to transform the building into municipal office space; and completion of the new police and fire complex on Quaker Meetinghouse Road.

The town will be able to use Mr. Schlegel as the owner’s project manager for the Santander project and other construction projects, as he is a Massachusetts-certified public purchasing official.

“He really stuck out because of how much knowledge and experience he had, including administrative experience,” Town Manager George H. (Bud) Dunham said of Mr. Schlegel. “We think he’s a great find, and we are excited to get to know him and work with him.”

Mr. Schlegel is leasing a condo locally and plans to buy a house once he sells the one he owns in Hubbardston, where he was living.

He will also be bringing his 20-foot Walkaround fishing boat to Sandwich. “It’s perfect for here in the bay,” he said.

“I am very excited to be here,” Mr. Schlegel said. “This is a great opportunity for me, and it’s something that I have been looking for.”

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