Sandwich Skate Park

There are far more boys than girls at the skate park on most days, but regulars Sadie Fairbank, Alana Leary, and Ariana Pearson are not deterred by being outnumbered. “Most of the boys are nice. We’ve learned from them,” Alana Leary said.

The Sandwich Skate Park will be closed for repairs for four days next week—a very long time for its regulars.

“I’ll probably go to the Falmouth Skate Park for those four days, if I can get a ride,” Alana P. Leary said.

Alana and her friends, Sadie Fairbanks and Ariana Pearson, were gliding across decks and swooping into bowls in the late afternoon on Wednesday, November 11—oblivious to the approaching dusk and drizzly weather.

“We have been here every day since the park opened last summer,” Ariana said. “The chips and cracks don’t bother me.”

But those minor blemishes could, if ignored, turn into hazards, Recreation Director Guy Boucher said.

New Line Skateparks, of Canada, which installed the specially made concrete pieces that provide the ramps and jumping-off places for Sandwich’s skateboarders and bikers, will do the work, Mr. Boucher said.

The company wants to complete the work before winter, Mr. Boucher added.

The skate park will be closed for repairs from Monday to Friday, November 16 to 20.

The newly completed skate park has been phenomenally popular since its quiet opening in June, just after the COVID-19 pandemic made its first pass through the state.

The opening coincided with the state’s loosening of restrictions on outdoor areas, and skaters of all ages flocked to the new attraction. On busy days, more than 75 skaters and bikers fly around the course.

The adjacent pickleball and tennis courts, which also opened this spring, have also been jammed with players.

The recreational complex is still a work in progress.

When it is completed, walking trails will lead to a new senior center and ultimately connect to the surrounding 48-acre Boyden Farm Conservation Lands and the pondside campus of Oakcrest Cove, the home of the recreation department.

The park is on the campus of the new public safety complex—including police headquarters and fire administrative offices—at the intersection of Quaker Meetinghouse and Cotuit roads.

Alana said she and her friends would like to start a fund drive to install lights at the skate park.

Lighting was originally planned for the park, but when the cost of the course design approached $1 million the lights, a gazebo and a paved parking lot were trimmed from the plans.

“Falmouth Skate Park is open 24 hours so kids bring their own lights can stay later,” Alana said.

But, Alana added, even without lights, the Sandwich Skate Park has earned her highest praise.

“It’s sick,” she said.

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