Sandwich Soul

Sandwich Soul 

Members of the Sandwich High School show choir, Sandwich Soul, will be performing with the band Foreigner when they are at the Cape Cod Melody Tent on August 23.

The choir was the sole entrant in a contest run by Cape Cod radio station 93.5 Frank FM. The station posted on its Facebook page on May 13 that it was looking for a local high school chorus or choir to be on stage with the band during its Hyannis show.

To enter the contest, any interested groups were asked to submit a video of them singing “I Want to Know What Love Is” on the radio station’s Facebook page. The video with the most “likes” would be the choir chosen to perform.

Choir director Melinda Lasit said that she was contacted by Codcomm Radio Group promotions director Matt Barry about having Sandwich Soul audition.

“He said that he heard Soul at various events and asked if we would be interested in entering the contest to sing with Foreigner,” Ms. Lasit said. “I checked in with the Soul students and they were excited.”

Ms. Lasit filmed the video and posted it to the station’s page.

Ms. Lasit’s’ husband and fellow director, Kevin Lasit, said that they are always looking for opportunities for the group, such as taking them to competitions.

“We always do our best to show our students, from Knights Theater Company and Soul, that performing or being involved in the arts can be something they can do for a living,” he said. “For Soul to have an opportunity to see how a rock band prepares and executes the concert and then to be a part of one of their songs on stage at the Melody Tent to a sold-out crowd—well, that’s truly the educable moment, isn’t it?”

He said that preparing and filming the video was not something they were willing to pass up, even though it happened while they were busy getting ready for graduation performances.

While they were the only group to enter, the video was watched over 14,000 times, was “liked” by more than 650 people, and was shared 436 times. The video can be seen here.

In addition to singing at the concert, the choir also won a $500 donation from the band.

Ms. Lasit said the only caveat for the group is that only 12 singers are allowed to perform. With a show choir of 42 students, she said that she decided to choose students who are a part of her Advanced Show Choir honors class. The class has 22 students, so she said she had them audition to decide who would be performing this summer.

Currently, she does not believe that the choir will have the opportunity to rehearse with the band before the August 23 performance, but said that she will know more as the concert date nears.

Mr. Lasit said they would be arranging their own music and choreography rehearsals with the 12 students over the summer.

“I don’t think it will truly hit them until they are backstage waiting to be escorted on stage and sing with Foreigner,” he said. “They get one shot, and we have complete faith that these amazing 12 Soul members are ready for the moment.”

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