Community Harm Reduction Treatment Team

The Community Harm Reduction Treatment Team (CHART) with their van

A syringe exchange program that has been operating in Sandwich for several months was criticized last week after a resident claimed the service could bring more crime and drug use to town.

The mobile outreach van, which is part of an opioid use prevention program funded by the National Institute of Health, offers syringe exchange services and naloxone distribution in Sandwich three days a week to assist residents in recovery.

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After reading this article, I am beyond disgusted by the residents of Sandwich who are opposed to this intervention. This is the epitome of stigma! Also, shame on you Jamie for releasing false information about the work that this mobile unit is doing in the Sandwich area. This mobile unit has been in the community for months providing access to Narcan as well as treatment for their opioid addiction. It is not just a van handing out needles, but providing opportunities for health and wellness within Sandwich, rather than forcing residents struggling with addiction to travel to another community. If you follow their social media page, as well as recent news stories, they have not been providing syringe services until recently, after the Board officially approved it.

It's funny to me that folks are so resistant to addressing addiction in their community until a loved one becomes addicted. Look in the mirror people. Finally, The Sandwich Food Pantry should be ashamed. Referring to hard working employees of three well established agencies on Cape Cod as "these people" is despicable. I hope that you can reconsider who you are serving. The last time I checked you weren't out to provide food to the wealthy residents of Sandwich who are concerned about seeing a person struggling with addiction. These residents are the people who rather brush addiction under the rug and look away as their neighbors overdose in their homes.

I hope that everyone who is upset by this project can educate themselves. As "well informed" residents, it would benefit you all to stop casting judgement and take the time to learn about addiction and best practice models for helping our own community.


Well said.

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