Sandwich Vote Box

Sandwich voters turned out in a big way for the election on Tuesday, November 3. All told, 13,812 voters cast ballots, according to the town clerk’s unofficial numbers. That includes mail-in voters, early in-person voters and voters who went to the polls on Election Day.

That number represents more than an 82 percent turnout.

Town Clerk Taylor D. White said that roughly speaking, 70 percent of the voters that took part in the election voted early, either by mail or in-person at the former Henry T. Wing School. The other 30 percent went to the polls on Election Day. He said Precincts 1 and 2 had the largest percentage of early voters and Precincts 5 and 6 had the largest percentage of Election Day voters.

In the presidential race, Democrats Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Kamala D. Harris carried Sandwich, receiving 54.81 percent (7,519) of the votes cast. Republicans Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence received 43.17 percent (5,922) of the votes.

In the race for US Senator, Democratic incumbent Edward J. Markey won Sandwich with 53.88 percent (7,307) of the vote to Republican challenger Kevin J. O’Connor’s 45.5 percent (6,107). Mr. Markey carried the election statewide.

Democrat William R. Keating received the most votes in Sandwich in his successful race to keep his Massachusetts 9th Congressional District seat. Rep. Keating received 57.84 percent (7,755). Challengers Republican Hellen Brady and independent Michael Manley received 39.63 percent (5,314) and 2.24 percent (328), respectively.

Falmouth Democrat Susan L. Moran won Sandwich in her successful bid to retain her Senate seat on Beacon Hill against Republican challenger James R. McMahon III, 53.22 percent (7,038) to 46.67 percent (6,172).

The closest race of the night in town was for the 5th Barnstable District House seat, where Republican Steven G. Xiarhos of West Barnstable edged out his Democratic opponent, Sandwich’s own James J. Dever.

Mr. Xiarhos received 50.9 percent (6,819) of the vote in Sandwich to Mr. Dever’s 49 percent (6,566). Mr. Xiarhos was the overall winner of the race district-wide.

In the four-way race for two seats on the Barnstable County Board of Regional Commissioners, Ronald R. Beaty Jr. was the top vote getter in Sandwich. He received 5,923 votes. He was followed by Sheila R. Lyons with 5,595 votes, Mark R. Forest with 5,397 votes and Abraham J. Kasparian with 1,236.

But even though Mr. Beaty carried Sandwich, he lost his reelection. It was Ms. Lyons and Mr Forest who came out on top Cape-wide.

Sandwich voters supported the plan to give independent car repair technicians the same opportunity to scan engine malfunction codes as a dealership technician would have (Question 1), 10,170 votes to 3,012, but opposed ranked choice voting (Question 2), 8,771 votes to 4,294. Both votes were in keeping with statewide results.

All Sandwich numbers are still unofficial. Mr. White said. The town is required to accept mail-in ballots as late as 5 PM on Friday, November 6 as long as they are postmarked by November 3.

Once those ballots are received, the votes will be added to the totals and the final numbers tallied.

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