Susan Kettell

Susan Kettell

A Sandwich woman familiar to police is facing multiple charges after another odd run-in with police.

Police were called to the scene of a loud party on Bob White Lane at 6:20 PM on Monday, August 28. The reporting party noted that they saw a blue truck being operated erratically while leaving the party, driving over lawns in the area.

Police found the pickup truck and noted that it was making a loud, rumbling sound. As the vehicle approached, the officer saw that it was running on three tires—the fourth wheel was only the rim.

When the vehicle was stopped, the operator, identified as Susan N. Kettell, 39, stepped out of the vehicle.

She told police, "This car is f**ked, and I am s**t-faced."

Police also noted that she was only wearing one boot and they were not sure where the other one was.

The officer attempted to administer field sobriety tests, but Ms. Kettell refused, saying that "the cleft in the chin means the devil's within."

At this point, Ms. Kettell was placed under arrest. She was charged with operating under the influence of liquor for a third offense, carrying a dangerous weapon, operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, possessing an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and wantonly injuring real or personal property. 

She was arrested earlier this year after she attacked an off-duty officer with a knife while topless. A few months before that, she was arrested after she broke into Lambert's to steal a large amount of chicken salad.

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"I understand that from the police reports she comes across as a dangerous person..." You don't say! I mean, she's only repeatedly driven drunk, broken into a business, and threatened someone with a machete! No, she is not a good person, and if you think otherwise, you're as messed up as she is. She needs to be locked up before she hurts someone - or worse.


I'm ashamed that I known her for many years, she uses alcohol for an excuse. She really is a horrible person. I'm reading all these posts about how we should lend a hand and give her hugs, she is so not worthy of them. She has treated her children deplorable, I have reported her to dcf and they have ignored my calls. She needs to be locked up. She is a thief, a degenerate, a lowlife, liar, I could go on.... She needs to be taken away from society


White privilege.


Chicken salad IS delicious.....


In her defense, Lamberts chicken salad is amazing. (Yes, it sounds as though she needs some help though)


I second that! Such an injustice. Give her the dam chicken salad! On pumpernickel preferably........


I second that!


I think she is crying out for help. Why would anyone want her thrown in jail rather than get her the help she needs? Have some compassion.


Curious, what was the dangerous weapon?


A sharp object that looked like a spear head!


A spatula for the chicken salad.


Why is she still free? She chased a man with a knife just a few weeks ago, for crying out loud. Is it going to take her to kill someone before she's put away? Time to lock her up!


Ya why is she not in jail already or in rehab?


These reports do not show the full story. I understand that from the police reports she comes across as a dangerous person but as someone who has known her for 10+ years and know the true stories she has not always been this way. I know from the reports and the drama on fb that many people feel she is a threat. I don't believe that anyone should comment or make an assumption about another unless u have met them. Please don't assume the worst of anyone based on one perspective:)


You can't be serious!😨


She's on a 3rd OUI for crying out loud! She could have killed someone. She obviously needs help with alcohol and possibly drugs. She can drink all she wants but stay off the road.

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