Sandwich Senior Spotlight

Sandwich High School senior Emma Dennery

Emma Dennery started her Sandwich High School career as a soccer player, but said that multiple injuries resulted in her being unable to continue playing.

Instead, she became a STEM Mentor and a member of the MVP Club, where she said students were able to have discussions about topics that are not usually talked about. This club led her to take a Gender Roles and Women’s Studies class with teacher Chelsea Craig.

The class of six students has helped create the curriculum for a Women’s History class, which is going to become an elective course.

As a senior, Emma said, she helped create the Conservation Club, of which she is a co-president.

After graduation, Emma will be attending the University of Vermont to major in social work. She also plans to join the Army ROTC program and later to serve in the US Army as a social worker.

Emma said that her most memorable moment in school was a particular day when her mother brought her and her brother to school while her nervous rescue dog was in the car.

“I can recall Mr. Tarsky walking toward my mom’s car to tell her she wasn’t supposed to drop us off there,” she said. “My dog started barking, we were embarrassed. My mom just thought that was funny.”

Emma said that she wants to thank her entire family for being kind, supportive, and loving throughout her life. In particular, she wants to thank her late mother, who continues to motivate and drive her every day.

“She is part of who I have become and who I am; strong, ambitious, independent, and a loving person,” she said. “To someone I miss with all my heart and love more than anything, thank you, Mom.”

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