The first nine prom-goers to arrive at Heritage Museums & Gardens for the Sandwich High School pre-prom promenade on May 26 came together by limousine.

Laughing and waving as cameras clicked and bystanders said “here they come!,” the young men in dark suits and the young women in prom gowns of vibrant red and blue walked the incline to the flume garden, which they had to themselves for a few minutes before others arrived.

“Prom is a good time,” John R. Tropea said as he and his friends found the spot everyone naturally migrates towards at the edge of the flume pond.

“I’m stoked for Prom, Jack F. Kuchar agreed.

“Prom is great,” John K. Greenhalgh said. “Having the Heritage walk really adds to the experience.”

Under sunny skies and warm temperatures, the flume garden soon filled to capacity with prom-going teens and their families and friends, the girls’ eye-catching gowns running the gamut from soft whites and pastels to deeper hues.

The beautifully-dressed high school students posed for photos in pairs and groups with friends, dates, and family members. Discreet adjustments to the girls’ dresses were made as necessary and tight shoe straps were loosened.

The boys hugged and shook hands as they admired each other’s fancy attire. Several of them could be overheard saying, “I’m cooking in this suit.”

“I’m excited,” said Arianna Davidson, a Mashpee High School student who was attending the Sandwich High School prom with Camerin Nelson.

“This is a great place to have the procession, and the weather is beautiful,” Camerin’s father, Robert W. Nelson said as he took pictures of his son and a group of friends.

“We’re excited! This is our first prom,” Rahne C. Turley said as she and three friends arrived at the flume garden.

When the 90-minute ritual of pre-prom mingling and photographing came to a close, families and friends left the garden and the students line up for the finale, the long “promenade” to the parking lot where transportation awaited to take them to the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis for the prom itself.

Jackie Grabowski, a senior, and Callie Fortin, a junior, in flowing gowns of sky blue and deep pink, locked arms and led the promenade through the large gathered crowd lining the route.

Gasps of delight could be heard as parents watched the young adults in all their finery pass by.

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