Two Forestdale siblings were arrested this week after an investigation into fentanyl trafficking in Sandwich.

Sean M. Leonard, 34, and Jill R. Leonard, 32, were arrested on Monday, September 27, and charged with class B drug possession, trafficking fentanyl in more than 10 grams and conspiracy to violate a drug law.

Police made the arrest after a search of the siblings’ home on Artisan Way. Police said the brother and sister were selling the drugs from the home.

The fentanyl seized from the scene was sent to a Massachusetts State Police crime lab to be tested and labeled for prosecution.

Cash bail in the amount of $1,000 was paid by their mother and they were both released.

Mr. and Ms. Leonard have been arrested and charged several times in the last year for drug trafficking and possession offenses.

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Fentanyl kills. Our Police know it only too well. How can it be that anyone who sells it isn’t behind bars after Police do their job finding and arresting them?! Can anyone explain why these two are free to endanger us more??


Let me get this straight. Two people who "have been arrested and charged several times in the last year for drug trafficking and possession offenses" were released on $1000 cash bail. Not only is their mother aiding and abetting their drug dealing, the magistrate who set that bail is doing so as well.

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