18 State Street Map

A map from 1884 shows the home at 18 State Street. This map was included in the demolition appeal recently filed with the regional historic district committee.

The demolition of a Jarvesville home built in the early 1800s has been forestalled by a second appeal of the matter to a regional historic board.

The appeal was filed earlier this month by Richard A. Claytor, a former Sandwich Historic District Committee member who is renovating a historic property around the corner from the condemned 18 State Street home.

It is the second appeal contesting decisions of the Sandwich Historic District Committee to allow the house to be knocked down.

Mr. Claytor’s appeal came on the heels of the HDC’s January 27 meeting at which there was a 4-1 vote to allow the demolition. The vote came after a lengthy and spirited discussion about whether the dilapidated house on State Street could be resuscitated.

In his appeal, Mr. Claytor argued that the committee erred in not following its own preservation guidelines; that it did not take into consideration the value of the State Street home’s contribution to the historic Jarvesville neighborhood, which is on the National Register of Historic Places; and that procedural errors had been committed.

Mr. Claytor is among several preservationists, including several members of the Sandwich Historical Commission—the other historic Sandwich board—seeking to save the house. Town preservationists and historians believe it can—and should—be restored.

The preservationists have pointed out that the State Street house, believed to be built prior to 1830, may predate the Boston & Sandwich Glass Factory.

The new owner of 18 State Street, the architect he has hired, and the town building inspector have said the house is too far gone to resuscitate.

The Sandwich HDC has twice voted to OK the demolition. Its first vote in November was also appealed to the Old King’s Highway Regional Historic District Commission—the parent organization of the Sandwich HDC.

The regional commission found the Sandwich HDC had erred in the way the meeting was handled and remanded the matter back to the local board in December.

No new hearing date has been set for the second appeal.

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