UNICEF Officers

The officers of Sandwich High School’s UNICEF Club: Aneka Pigott, Danica Shores, Paula Tanguilig, and Morgan Simmons.

Students at Sandwich High School partnered with students from the Oak Ridge School to raise money for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Halloween.

UNICEF is an international agency that helps children in need in over 190 countries.

High school seniors Danica Shores and Morgan Simmons, as well as junior Paula Tanguilig, are the leaders of the high school’s UNICEF chapter and met with 5th and 6th grade student council members from Oak Ridge to work together to raise money. The Oak Ridge students were given small collection boxes, which were distributed to the homeroom classes in the school.

On Halloween night, students took the boxes with them while they went trick or treating so that they could collect donations as well as candy.

“Oak Ridge teachers collected the boxes and SHS students tallied up over 50 pounds of change,” said UNICEF adviser Liam Kelly. “It just goes to show, if everyone does a little, we can do a lot!”

Mr. Kelly said that the change collected added up to more than $1,200.

Oak Ridge Student Council co-adviser Kate Carl said that she was more than happy to include her students in the effort. She said that her students loved being included by older students that they see as mentors.

She said that the money collected will be used to fund vaccines for children who otherwise would not have the means to be inoculated.

“It is difficult to imagine others not having what we may take for granted,” she said.

Cassidy Hofmann, a 6th grader who is the vice president of Student Council, said that working on the project with the high school students was very meaningful to her.

“I loved giving back to kids our age,” she said. “Especially if they are in need because they don’t have the resources we do.”

Her classmate, Destiny Chapman, said that helping children in need was an amazing experience. Emily Gelinas, 6th grade, said that she hopes she will be able to help UNICEF again in the future.

Student Council treasurer, 6th grader Livvy Frost, said that helping collect for UNICEF was fun and that she is thankful to the high school students for helping with the project.

Peter Milburn, 6th grade, said that everyone who donated was very generous and that he raised more money than he thought he would.

“I love making people happy and I hope I did for this occasion,” he said.

Student Council secretary, 6th grader Shreya Shukla, said that she loved helping other children her age and that she looks forward to helping more children in the future.

“It was a warm feeling that we helped raise money for kids who really need it,” she said.

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