Two teenagers engaged in a prank sparked a call to the police last Sunday, August 18.

Police were called to Pinkham Road at 5:58 PM after residents reported that three cars were parked in the area and that a group of people were walking door to door.

After investigating, police found that the cars belonged to members of a religious group who had been called there when someone told them that there was a boy in the neighborhood who was interested in joining the religion. Further investigation found that the call was the result of two teenagers who had been engaged in a series of pranks, with each teen trying to pull a prank that was better than the previous one.

In this particular instance, a 15-year-old girl had called the church claiming to be the 14-year-old boy wanting to join the religion. The girl arranged for the group to come to the boy’s house to talk to him about joining the church.

Police said that the girl owned up to the prank. No charges were filed.

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