Susan Miller, a former vice president at Cape Cod Community College, and wife of Selectman Michael J. Miller, has pulled papers for the school board.

Dr. Miller pulled papers from the town clerk’s office on Friday, February 7, the same day husband Michael Miller pulled papers to run for re-election to the board of selectmen.

Incumbent selectman Robert J. George has also announced his intention to run for re-election. He too took out papers on Friday.February 7.

Dr. Miller, who last year retired from her post as vice president of academic and community affairs for Cape Cod Community College, said she is running because she is interested in the town’s schools and would bring years of experience and fiscal responsibility to the job.

“If elected I would dive right in and ask the questions about how we can make the school budget work,” Dr. Miller said. “When you’re up against the wall, it’s too late to be looking.”

Dr. Miller, who is also a registered nurse, said she served on the school board many years ago, but had to drop off because she had other pressing demands.

Other candidates who pulled papers in the last week are Mark A. Wiklund, chairman of the library board of trustees who would like to serve another three years; Robert Thomson, of Kensington Drive, who is seeking a two-year term in the library board; and Gerald Fortin, of Forestdale, who would like to be elected as constable.

Those who pulled papers early last week—the first week of the political season—included three incumbents: Robert James, of Pinkham Road; Pamela Dana Snyder of Wolf Hill; and Jeanie Vander Pyl of State Street.

Mr. James is seeking re-election to the board of assessors, Dr. Snyder is seeking another term on the board of health, and Ms. Vander Pyl seeks re-election to the library board of trustees.

Newcomer William Wagner, of Princess Pine Path, would also like to fill a three-year opening on the library board.

Nomination papers are required if candidates want their names to appear on the ballot for the 2020 annual town election, which will be held on May 7, according to Town Clerk Taylor D. White.

“Candidates will have until March 19 to return their papers with at least 50 signatures from registered Sandwich voters nominating them for office,” Mr. White said last week.

There are two openings on the board of selectmen and two seats on the school board.

School board incumbent James Dever has said he will not run again. Incumbent Sean Rausch has not yet announced his intentions.

All the openings are for three-year terms.

Other openings:

• 1 – Three-year term on the Board of Assessors

• 1 – Three-year term on the Board of Health

• 2 – Three-year terms on the Board of Selectman

• 1 – Three-year term as Constable

• 2 – Three-year terms on the Planning Board

• 2 – Three-year terms on the School Committee

• 1 – One-year unexpired term on the School Committee

• 3 – Three-year terms on the Library Board of Trustees

• 1 – Two-year unexpired term on the Library Board of Trustees

• 1 – Five-year term on the Sandwich Housing Authority

• 1 – Three-year term on the Weston Memorial Fund

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